Screen Shading Systems
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Screen Shading Systems

Elitech Screen is designed for residential and commercial applications. Screen systems aim to ensure your comfort in all seasons. The main point of the system is the specially designed zipper, welded to the edges of the fabric. Our product provides year-round protection from wind, rain and insects as well as your privacy.

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Screen Shading Systems

Elitech's screen shading systems are some of the most preferred retractable awning systems. As they have an aesthetic design and various functions, you can ideally use them for various residential and commercial applications.

They are perfect for all seasons, ensuring comfort and convenience. The product's specially designed zipper, welded to the fabric's edges, offers a seamless opening. The thick fabric keeps wind, rain and insects out of the platform, allowing you to spend a relaxing time in your garden.

Elitech screen shading systems provide year-round protection from harsh weather conditions. With this superior product, you can improve the privacy of your garden and enjoy your time outdoors.

Modern Design
Modern Design
Customer Satisfaction
Customer Satisfaction

Why Screen Shading Systems?

  • If you wonder how to decide between different awning systems, here are some of the reasons why screen shading stands out:
  • Screen shading systems offer better ventilation - thanks to the fabric used.
  • Customers can configure the product to fit their needs. Sizes, colours or materials of screen shading systems are customisable.
  • They offer better protection against the sun than most retractable awning systems.
  • Screen shading systems offer an advanced and easy-to-use control, allowing users to lower or raise the screen as they wish.
  • Due to the quality material used in its frame, screen shading systems have better insulation.

Screen Shading Systems Models

Elitech's screen shading systems come with various models and designs. Since we provide our customers with full customisation, they can always decide on the colour and design of their products.

Usually, the standard screen shading systems offered by Elitech come with a closed floor and an adjustable fabric screen. Also, thanks to the advanced zipper system, Elitech's screen shading offers seamless control.

Screen Shading Systems Prices

Since the prices for screen shading systems differ, it is impossible to provide a fixed rate. The sizes, colours or additional features of a screen shading system may increase its price significantly.

At Elitech, we always aim to provide the best products for the best prices. And if you want to get a quote or learn the possible fees, feel free to contact us.

Screen Shading System Designs

Screen shading systems are designed to fit any garden, yard or space. The product has a minimalist yet appealing look, creating a sleek aesthetic that suits any theme. Since screen shading systems have a wide range of colour options and design features, customers can freely configure their products.

Elitech's screen shading systems come with a wooden platform to provide a natural feeling and add an elegant touch. The platform's colour and material can also be customised on customers' demand.

Best Awning Systems

Elitech offers various retractable awning systems, from sliding shading systems to pergolas. Thanks to this wealth of products, customers can easily pick the best option for themselves and enrichen their gardens.

Awning systems offer protection against UV rays and various weather conditions. Also, closed or closeable systems, such as panorama shading systems or screen shading systems, may protect you from other external factors, including mosquitos and dust.

Besides, all retractable awning systems designed by Elitech have a modern aesthetic, aiming to fit any outdoor space and improve its appeal.


Elitech's screen shading systems come with various advantages and benefits. Here are some of them:

  • Screen shading systems add an elegant and functional touch to your garden or yard.
  • Since shading systems allow flexible adjustment, you can create a sun-proof space in your garden no matter the sun's position.
  • The advanced zipper system of the screen shading systems offers a seamless opening and easy use.
  • Thanks to its quality material, screen shading systems by Elitech require almost no maintenance.
  • Screen shading systems provide you with privacy.

If you wonder which automated systems are the best for your garden, here are the reasons why a screen shading system might be the best option:

  • Screen shading systems are a budget-friendly solution, thanks to their relatively low-priced material and simple design.
  • Speaking of design - screen shading systems have a modern and minimalist design, making them the perfect option for contemporary themes.
  • The shading system's fabric screen keeps sunlight, rain, snow and insects away, making it a perfect solution for any season or setting.
Screen Shading Systems
Elitech's screen shading systems are some of the most preferred retractable awning systems. As they have an ae...