Sliding Shading System

You can use the Elitech sliding system throughout the year in your commercial or residential properties. You can enjoy the wonderful landscape without being affected by the weather, you get the best protection from rain or storm without leaving a beautiful panoramic view. All our systems are designed with an “easy to use” perspective.


Sliding Shading System

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Sliding Shading System

Elitech sliding shading system is a retractable awning system that provides perfect use throughout the year. The system allows you to enjoy the gorgeous landscape without being affected by weather conditions or light. Thanks to the advanced shading technology developed by Elitech, you can get the best protection from rain and storm, as well as UV lights, without giving up a beautiful panoramic view.
Like all Elitech products, sliding shading systems offer an easy-to-use perspective. The system's glass panels provide a seamless opening both manually and automatically.

Sliding Shading Systems Models

Elitech sliding shading systems have various model options for those who want to decorate their yards with the perfect shading system. Customers can choose from a wide range of colour and design options to customise their products. Also, customers can decide the measures and the sizes of their shading systems; this way, it will be easier to find the most fitting product for your yard.

Decorating a sliding shading system is the easiest. The large models can fit several chairs or benches, a coffee table and interior décor. The new shading system in your yard can be the perfect spot to welcome your guests and spend time with your friends!

Sliding Shading Systems Prices

Since sliding shading systems prices depend on the product's measures and features, it is difficult to provide a fixed price. For example, the colours and material of a shading system are among the primary factors that affect its pricing.

Nevertheless, it is worth noting that quality is always more important than the price. A quality sliding shading system is the perfect option if you want to add a decorative and functional touch to your home. With this utile system, you can protect yourself from weather conditions, like snowing or raining, cold temperatures and UV rays.

If you want to beautify and add a functional feature to your garden, you can contact Elitech to learn the prices of customised sliding shading systems.

Sliding Shading System Designs

Elitech's sliding shading systems are designed in a square or rectangular shape. This way, the product provides better protection from the sun. The multi-panelled system has an advanced sliding mechanism that allows a seamless opening. Also, the system is equipped with a superior insulation system that keeps the chilly air outside, providing a warm space during cold seasons.
Sliding shading systems are usually produced in a characteristic metallic colour to provide both an aesthetic appeal and better resistance to fading. Also, the multiple glass frames offer maximum openness, providing a panoramic view of the surroundings.

The floor of the sliding shading system designs is usually made of wood to increase the natural feeling and aesthetic look. Also, the wood flooring provides better resistance to weather conditions and is a hypoallergenic option as it does not harbour dust or other allergens. Customers can customise the floor's colour, design and material if they wish.

Is Sliding Shading System Right For You?

You might wonder whether a sliding shading system is right for you. Here are a few reasons why sliding shading systems are the best option for your living space:

  • An aesthetic addendum to your garden: If you think your garden or yard is too empty, a sliding shading system might be an aesthetic addition to it.
  • Functional and affordable: Although sliding shading systems offer numerous advantages and are equipped with advanced functions, their prices are quite reasonable.
  • It brings you closer to nature: Incorporating shading glass into your house might be cheaper than building a whole sliding shading system. Nevertheless, a shading system stands in the middle of your garden and brings you closer to nature.

What are the advantages of Sliding Shading Systems?

Sliding shading systems have various advantages that make them a life saving option. Here are some of them:

  • Sliding shading systems allow you to have a panoramic view of the outdoors while resting,
  • Elitech's shading systems come with aesthetic designs and rich features,
  • All products offered by Elitech are fully customisable,
  • Sliding shading systems provide superior protection from sun and weather conditions,
  • They have reasonable prices compared to most shading systems and aluminium windows,
  • The advanced sliding technology used in Elitech's sliding shadaing systems offer a seamless and easy opening.
Sliding Shading System
Sliding Shading System You can use the Elitech sliding system throughout the year in your commercial or res...