Aluminium Roller Shutter

Aluminum Roller Shutter

Aluminum roller shutter, specially developed for needs such as insulation, security, controllable lighting, is preferred for commercial areas such as shops, especially houses. It is produced in Elitech facilities by using European materials at high quality standards.

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The insulated aluminum roller shutter (aluminium roller shutter), which has been developed especially for the windows of the houses, significantly reduces the energy consumption in the houses and saves on bill expenses. In hot weather, it is closed practically with the advantage of the remote control, thus reducing the use of air conditioners. It prevents cold air circulation in windy weather, and also contributes to cleaning by not allowing dust to enter the house. By closing the blinds at night or when you are not at home, you can make your home fully protected and secure. You can also use it as a good curtain against the sun's UV rays during the day. You can let the daylight into your home as much as you want by leaving it half open. The blind also ends the entrance of street lights that disturb sleep at night. By closing the blinds, you can get rid of the disturbing light of the street lamps and fall into a comfortable sleep. Integrating with the architecture of the house it is applied to, it gives an extremely aesthetic appearance when viewed from the outside. Even when applied in old buildings, it adds a modern atmosphere to the appearance of the house.

Aluminum roller shutter systems have been widely used in commercial stores in recent years. While it provides full security against negativities such as theft to the stores where it is applied, opening and closing has become quite practical. The practical and silent ergonomic feature of Elitech shutter models has made it extremely easy to use. At the closing time of the store, the staff can easily close the shutters of the store in seconds with a simple touch of the remote, while leaving behind a tiring working day. In the morning, a new working day is achieved with one touch of the aluminum roller shutter control and the store opens safely. It creates awareness in your store with its aesthetics in the time it is closed.

Aluminium Roller Shutter

In addition to its high strength, aluminum does not impose an extra load on the buildings where it is applied, with the advantage of light material, and does not adversely affect the statics of the building. It can be used safely for many years without being affected by adverse weather conditions such as rain, humidity and extreme heat. The aluminum material, free from rust risks, maintains its first day vitality for years without the need for maintenance such as paint.

Elitech aluminum roller shutters are specially designed for homes and workplaces. It is delivered with the best practices, from its production with the use of special ergonomic designs, high quality materials and equipment, to its assembly by expert teams on site. Elitech trust continues with after-sales services.

Along with aluminum sheet profiles, special motors that run the system smoothly and silently in the best way are used in Elitech shutter systems. Models that bring comfort to homes and workplaces with wireless and wired button alternatives that can be used remotely are in Elitech series. With aluminum roller shutter applications specific to customer expectations, homes meet with the best and most aesthetic.

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Aluminium Roller Shutter

Aluminum Roller Shutter Models

Modern, safe aluminum roller shutter models that work seamlessly for windows and balconies in homes or for shops are here for your selection. All of the innovative models add aesthetic value to the places where they are applied with their modern design. It brings the users together with comfort and increases the quality of life. It provides convenience to modern architectural building combinations with its wide product range and color options. It can be customized with original designs according to the special needs of homes or workplaces. While adding elegance to the houses, it provides security protection against unwanted events.

The best contribution to energy saving is made by preferring insulated aluminum roller shutter models for extra insulation applications in homes. Models designed especially for points that require security, bring home and workplaces together with the best security. It provides the best protection to stores and shops with its high impact resistant shutter system. The powerful European-made motor system works silently and facilitates fast on-off. With the touch of a control, opening and closing in seconds is carried out comfortably. With the adjustable opening options inside the house, the sun's rays can be easily controlled, while at the same time protecting the privacy of the house.

In almost all of the houses in modern architecture, aluminum roller shutter models are preferred by ordering together with the window group. With ease of assembly, all models can be applied later on the window. Models move vertically. When the control button is pressed, opening or closing is started. Aluminum sheets are collected in coils in the louver part at the top of the opening.

Elitech PVC monoblock shutter system is the pinnacle of aesthetic solution in architecture. It provides the best aesthetic harmony to all kinds of projects built in modern architecture. In this model, the roller blinds do not protrude onto the exterior of the building and are invisible. From the outside, the best integration with the window stands out. The difference that distinguishes the system from other models is that this model is mounted on the window, not on the wall. In order for this system to be implemented, it is an important issue to order with the window. Because the model is shaped together with the window production, it cannot be mounted afterwards. In new projects, this model is especially preferred due to the aesthetics it adds to the building architecture.

Outboard louver shutter systems are mounted on the window area from the outside, and the spiral roller is gathered in the upper part of the outside. The system can be adapted to any window, old or new.

Another louver model is the 'Daylight' model with adjustable light management. In this model, since intermittent preferences can be made in the opening, while shading the house, it is also ensured that natural light enters the house in a determined amount. It gives a different aesthetic to every place where it is used, regardless of home or office. It brings together those who use bright spaces with comfort.

You can contact us immediately for the blinds models that will best suit your home with the expertise of Elitech.

Modern Design
Modern Design
Customer Satisfaction
Customer Satisfaction

Aluminum Shutter Prices

Aluminum roller shutter prices (aluminium roller shutter prices), which are specially produced for the areas of need in homes and workplaces, vary according to the preferred models. Whichever Elitech shutter models you prefer, you can be sure that you will bring your home together with the best quality at the most economical price. Because Elitech manufactures using aluminum lamellas, special motor system and motion equipment, each of which is of European origin. The use of high quality materials, modern production system and the advantage of being installed for use by professionals are among the prominent features of Elitech products.

Elitech aluminum roller shutter prices (aluminium roller shutter prices) do not end when you buy the advantages it will bring to your budget. You will live closely for many years, when you will use its many advantages. It adds value to your home with its modern aesthetics. It provides perfect protection against unwanted situations by covering your windows in the best way with its impact resistant body. With its high insulation performance, it contributes to the energy saving of your home in the best way. It reduces the use of air conditioning in hot weather. It is closed on stormy cold days and completely prevents the penetration of cold air into the interior. It eliminates the maintenance expenses by making it on and off without any problems for many years.

You can safely choose Elitech for the advantages of adding aesthetic value to your home with the best model and for the advantages of attractive aluminum roller shutter prices specific to your budget. The use of European materials and equipment in all models, production with new generation machinery technologies and professional installation are combined with Elitech expertise. Moreover, after-sales support services are also at your side.

Aluminum Roller Shutter Designs

You are at the right place to meet the most useful aluminum shutter models. With the innovative design in Elitech shutter systems, you can protect your home by making it attractive. Exquisite designs increase the aesthetics of appearance by harmonizing perfectly with the architecture of your home. Numerous advantages from insulation to safety The unchanging advantages of Elitech shutter designs. Each model gives your home the safest protection when you turn it off. It prevents the harmful rays of the sun from damaging the furniture in your home. It provides comfortable shading advantage.

Beautify windows and balconies in your home with Elitech blinds designs. Protect your store's showcase with a firewall that will add aesthetic value.

Aluminium Roller Shutter

Which Aluminum Roller Shutter Right For You

Among the most preferred Elitech aluminum shutter models, you will find designs that will make your home unique with price advantages that fit your budget. You can contact Elitech directly for information about innovative models, free dimensioning and price advantages specific to your home. Elitech manufactures custom-sized blinds for your home in modern facilities using materials of European origin. It performs the post-production assembly with its professional teams and delivers it ready for your use. Elitech advantages are with you for many years with after-sales support services.

What are the advantages of Aluminum Roller Shutter

Take action now to bring your home together with the most suitable aluminum shutter advantages. Elitech shutter systems will bring your home together with aesthetics, take it under security protection and increase its insulation. Most importantly, it will improve your quality of life.

  • It adds value to the building architecture with its aesthetic appearance wherever it is applied.
  • Provides the best protection against unwanted external interference
  • All of the models with remote control or button bring together the users with comfort with practical on-off convenience.
  • With its own motor, it can be opened and closed silently in series.
  • Insulated models save air conditioning energy expenditures
  • Protects your carpet and furniture inside your home from fading from the sun
  • Cuts out light when turned off, reducing outdoor noise
  • It helps to keep your interior and window glass clean against dust and rain.
  • Operates smoothly for many years with European engines and equipment, it can be used safely
  • Offers the best fit for different architectural concepts with RAL color alternatives
  • Easy to clean
  • Special production is carried out in desired dimensions.
Aluminium Roller Shutter
In addition to its high strength, aluminum does not impose an extra load on the buildings where it is applied,...