Aluminium Doors
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Aluminium Doors

Aluminium doors are a frequently preferred product especially for their aesthetic appearance, designs, and uses. Aluminum doors are highly resistant to all kinds of external impacts and other external factors with their high-quality system. Installation and assembly of aluminum doors are quite easy. However, aluminum doors provide a high level of thermal insulation. Aluminum doors are the most ideal solution method for all sectors together with their lightweight, prices, durability, and thermal insulation features.

You can use aluminum doors to give a new and stylish look to workplaces, offices, homes, bathrooms, kitchens, verandas, building entrances. Aluminum doors attract attention with their quality structure. Aluminum doors are highly resistant to water and sun. Aluminum doors are durable because they are durable. We supply all-aluminum door models in different sizes, colors, and dimensions suitable for the usage areas and purposes of our customers.

Modern Aluminum Doors

Today, aluminium doors are one of the most preferred door models. Aluminum doors are manufactured with high quality and high standards and very durable. The most important reason why aluminum doors are preferred is their quality. In addition, aluminum doors provide thermal insulation. Aluminum doors are very affordable with all their features. Aluminum doors are very easy to use.

Aluminum Doors

Aluminium doors, are one of the most preferred door types recently. Its durability and quality are the most important reasons for preference. They are affordable and add a brilliant appearance to their location. They are also preferred for their designs and uses. It shows endurance to any impact or other external factors with its quality system. It is the most optimal material for many sectors when its price, durability, and lightness properties are evaluated together. You can add a new appearance to your offices, homes, bathrooms, or building entrance by using aluminium doors.

Thanks to its high-quality structure, it is durable to water and sun. They are usable for decades. All you have to do is keep it clean. Due to their strength, durability and aesthetically superior properties, they are widely used in modern architecture today all around the world. When we compare the aluminium doors with other materials such as steel, glass and wood, it is obvious that they are superior than all other materials.

Modern Design
Modern Design
Customer Satisfaction
Customer Satisfaction

Aluminum Door Models

Aluminum door models are available in a variety of features, sizes, and colors. There are various aluminum door solution models in line with the demands and needs of our customers. The most used aluminum door models are sliding door models, folding door models, French models, glass door models, 3d door models. So a wide variety of aluminum door models are offered for sale. You can choose different models according to your usage area, the purpose of use, and the sector you are in.

Aluminium Double Doors aluminum models are preferred in common areas such as airports and hotels. Different models and different sizes and features are available to meet the needs of each customer. Aluminium doors are often preferred in common areas such as hospitals, shopping malls, cafes, hotels, airports, where people constantly enter and exit.

Usage Areas Of Aluminum Door Systems

Aluminium doors are used to increase thermal insulation in houses. In addition, it is quiet in offices and workplaces as it provides heat insulation. In addition, aluminum doors offer an aesthetically elegant and stylish appearance. Aluminum doors can be used in many areas such as hospitals, schools, commercial properties, hotels, schools, cafes, private properties. It is a product that is frequently used in bathroom entrances, living room entrances, verandas, kitchen entrances.

Enjoy Optimal Safety, Style, And Energy Efficiency

With high durability aluminium doors that provide thermal insulation, you provide both safety and energy savings. The aluminum door system is a protective, durable, and highly reliable system. Aluminum materials are used together with other materials in order to provide thermal insulation.

Usage Areas Of Aluminum Door Systems

How Safe Are Aluminum Doors?

Its aluminum material is resistant to external factors and adverse weather conditions, which ensures the formation of quality doors as well as being safe. With this feature, it is long-lasting. In other words, aluminium doors are quite solid, strong, and durable. You can safely use aluminum doors.

Cleaning aluminum doors is quite simple and convenient. Aluminum doors are widely used in modern architecture all over the world due to their durability and aesthetically perfect appearance. Elitech can serve with aluminum door models in the dimensions desired by its customers.

Why Are Aluminum Doors So Popular?

Aluminium doors maintain the current temperature in their environment. There are options with many different features for aluminum door designs. Aluminum doors are available in different sizes and colors. The very popular aluminum doors provide a high level of security. The reasons for the popular use of aluminum doors are the features of aluminum doors, reasonable price, different model options, lightweight, and durability. All models of aluminum doors are designed to have high thermal insulation. Aluminum doors have high chemical resistance.

Which Aluminum Doors Are Right for You?

Aluminum door models should be chosen according to their usage areas. Aluminum doors should be preferred especially for large workplaces and large residences. Because an aluminum door heats a large building. The thermal insulation of the aluminum door is high. in their environment Those who want a modern and stylish look can choose our glazed aluminum sliding door models. These models will both look stylish and provide safety. Single-sided aluminium doors are safer doors. However, double-door options can be preferred in heavy usage areas.


The importance of the choice of windows in a structure is major. If the choice is not made correctly, it can have a negative impact on the quality of life of the people who will live there. Many factors such as the location, the structure of the building and the intended use of the building should be taken into account when determining all the building materials and not just the windows but the complete structure.

Glass balconies isolate sound, air and dust, creating a peaceful living space for users. The process of installing this building material begins with the measurement. The process continues with production and continues with the installation stage. There are questions to consider in this whole process. Taking precise measurements, how to assemble and what materials to use are the main points to emphasize for the realization of a quality and durable glass balcony.

This group of products can be preferred for different types of applications in structures. The main ones are restaurant cafes, verandas, summer gardens, terraces, wedding halls, awning pergolas and football stadiums. Sash glass systems are generally preferred in areas where they are used because of their safety, practicality and air conditioning properties. This product is mainly manufactured with a motorized and remote controlled system.

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Why Sould You Choose Aluminium Doors?

They are a strong metal commonly used in construction. Especially in areas such as doors, windows, curtain walls, it is the material preferred by "quality buildings" due to its strength, durability, and aesthetically superior properties. One of the most important benefits of aluminium doors are their resistance to weather conditions. It is highly durable to harsh climatic conditions - high temperature or very low cold. They also have the strength to withstand high humidity and very dry weather conditions. They can withstand different environments without deterioration and rusting.

In the following, you can see some other benefits of aluminium doors that will make your working place and offices more useful.

  • They are long-lasting
  • These doors protect the thermal insulation at high and low temperatures
  • Produced in different sizes
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • They have an aesthetic appearance
  • Recyclable and eco - friendly
  • They are fireproofing
Aluminium Doors
Aluminium Doors Aluminium doors are a frequently preferred product especially for their aesthetic appearanc...