Veranda Shading Systems
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The Elitech Veranda solution makes it possible to considerably enlarge living spaces at any time of the year to make the most of the outside of the terrace. More light, more space, more joy is possible with our terrace solution. There are many way of uses and designs possible for your dream winter garden. Create your personal well-being with our Veranda solution by experiencing the unique Elitech quality. Impact and harsh climate resistant Aluminum Doors, Aluminum Window

Veranda Shading Systems

If you need a larger living space that you can use any time of the year, Elitech's Veranda solution is ideal for you. Thanks to the smart and functional veranda shading systems, you can make the most of the outside of the terrace and create a warm atmosphere in your garden. With this terrace solution, your outdoor living space will have more light, a spacious area and plenty of joy throughout the year.
If you want to build your dream winter garden, Elitech's outstanding veranda shading systems help with that too. You can create the perfect winter garden in many ways and designs. Nevertheless, none is as complete as a garden enrichened by the unique Veranda solution offered by Elitech. With over 30 years of experience and a professional team, we provide the ideal shading systems that add value and appeal to your outdoor spaces. Elitech is always here to offer you a warmer and more welcoming yard.

Veranda Shading Systems

Shading Systems for the Best

Veranda shading systems are one of the most preferred types of awning systems. Elitech offers various shading systems that aim to add an elegant touch to your garden.
Whereas each retractable awning system has different advantages and unique aspects, they have some common advantages. Here are the best features shading systems offer:
•    Resistance to various weather conditions,
•    Advanced protection against UV rays,
•    Improve the appeal of an outdoor structure,
•    Suitable for any outdoor space,
•    They are high functioning.

Why Veranda Shading Systems?

Veranda shading systems also come with their own unique features. Following are some of the reasons to choose veranda shading systems over other options:

  • Unlike other retractable awning systems, such as rolling roof shading systems or panorama shading systems, veranda systems have open sides, making them the perfect solution for warm climates. 
  • The glass roof of the veranda shading systems offers a clear view of the sky and lets in natural light.
  • Veranda shading systems are affordable and have budget-friendly prices due to their relatively simple build.
Modern Design
Modern Design
Customer Satisfaction
Customer Satisfaction

Veranda Shading Systems Models

Veranda shading systems are simple solutions to create your ideal garden. And as Elitech offers full customisation opportunities, customers are able to equip these systems with various features, from remote controllers to additional space.

Also, in order to improve privacy, customers can order their systems with additional glass panels or screens that close the sides of the platform. Such addenda might also help protect the veranda against cold weather and rain.

Veranda Shading Systems Prices

It is hard to provide a fixed price for veranda shading systems. Since different customers have different needs, additional features and specifications they demand might alter the overall costs. 

Nevertheless, if you want to get a quote, you can always contact us.

Veranda Shading System Designs

Veranda shading system comes with a wide variety of colours and material choices that aims to address all customers' needs. This way, finding your garden's ideal veranda shading system is easier than ever!

The extensive collection of veranda systems and comprehensive customizability provided by Elitech is key to catching a gorgeous aesthetic in your outdoor spaces.


It might be hard to choose the perfect system for your garden. Here are some of the reasons to go with veranda shading systems:

  • Veranda shading systems come with a glass roof and open sides, making them ideal for warm yet usually-cloudy areas. 
  • Since they have a simple build, veranda shading systems are more affordable than most awning systems.
  • Veranda systems, made of only glass and aluminium, are eco-friendly solutions that do not contain any material harmful to nature.
  • The wooden flooring used in veranda shading systems is hypoallergenic and offers a more natural feeling.
  • Veranda shading systems are perfect for spaces with contemporary designs, thanks to their minimalistic look.

Veranda shading systems boasts various advantages that make them the perfect solution for outdoor spaces. Here is a list of these advantages:

  • Protection from rain and snow: Veranda shading systems come with a glass floor, protecting you from rain and snow.
  • Perfect for stargazing: If you like going out and watching the sky at night, veranda shading systems offer you the outstanding stargazing experience you need.
  • Durable: Elitech's veranda shading systems are made of quality material that offers superior durability. A veranda system may provide lifelong usage with little to no maintenance.
  • Customisable: Like all of Elitech's systems, veranda shading systems also offer full customisation; thus, customers can configure the products in accordance with their needs and desires.


Veranda Shading Systems
If you need a larger living space that you can use any time of the year, Elitech's Veranda solution is ideal f...