uPVC Top Hung Windows

uPVC Top Hung Windows, are the horizontal running form of single opening windows. These window systems, which are mostly used in bathroom and toilet windows, are also preferred in other parts of the buildings for today’s decoration. They are opened as far as the scissors on the sides allow. It is also possible that these scissors can be opened gradually according to their features. Various forms of application are available on request. All these uPVC Top Hung Windows system are specially designed to work without any problems at your home.

In uPVC Top Hung Windows, the glass sash descends, and the opening position remains stable. The transom function in windows offers significant functional and aesthetic advantages in many construction projects. Different options are possible for aesthetic facade design with a uPVC Top Hung Windows system. Therefore, uPVC Top Hung Windows are mostly preferred in today’s technology. If you also need such a window system, you can get more information by contacting us quickly.

uPVC Top Hung Windows
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uPVC Top Hung Window Features

uPVC Top Hung Windows provide a controlled flow, allowing the space to be ventilated in a much healthier way. These windows, which are generally small size, also provide control in high windows. They are usually preferred in houses, flats, or other living spaces.

Some of the other advantages of the uPVC Top Hung Window are:

  • It opens from the upper side of the wing and passes to the ventilation position.
  • They have an elegant appearance with decorative features.
  • They are functional both for high and small windows size.
  • The wings of uPVC Top Hung windows open outwards and provide a healthy airflow.
  • It has different models, such as soft closing and semi-automatic.
  • Due to its long life, it is used mainly at homes.

uPVC Top Hung Window Prices

uPVC Top Hung Windows prices may change depending on the area and size to be mounted. For this reason, it is hard to give an exact price. You can get all the information about dimensions and prices from our online pdf catalog. They are produced with the latest technology and have a different ambiance. uPVC Top Hung Windows are affordable for every budget and remain to you as a long-term investment with their durability and comfort.