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Shutter System

Shutter, is generally used in workplaces and homes to close doors or windows. People prefer shutters due to their safety and decorative appearance for long years. Today, automatic shutter systems are frequently used in many areas such as work places, apartments, separate houses.

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23 August 2021
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An Elegant Way To Protect Social Distance
Your Confidential Information Is In Good Hands
We know that privacy comes first, and we care about the security of your living space as much as you do. In this sense, we produce construction soluti...
Your Confidential Information Is In Good Hands
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Our New Generation Solutions
We aim to bring comfort items to your living space. In this regard, we combine our innovative perspective with the latest technology.
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Our New Generation Solutions

The importance of the choice of windows in a structure is major. If the choice is not made correctly, it can have a negative impact on the quality of life of the people who will live there. Many factors such as the location, the structure of the building and the intended use of the building should be taken into account when determining all the building materials and not just the windows but the complete structure.

Glass balconies isolate sound, air and dust, creating a peaceful living space for users. The process of installing this building material begins with the measurement. The process continues with production and continues with the installation stage. There are questions to consider in this whole process. Taking precise measurements, how to assemble and what materials to use are the main points to emphasize for the realization of a quality and durable glass balcony.

This group of products can be preferred for different types of applications in structures. The main ones are restaurant cafes, verandas, summer gardens, terraces, wedding halls, awning pergolas and football stadiums. Sash glass systems are generally preferred in areas where they are used because of their safety, practicality and air conditioning properties. This product is mainly manufactured with a motorized and remote controlled system.

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