5 saving tools for your living space
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5 saving tools for your living space

23 August 2021

In our lifetime that passes before our eyes, we seek to make maximum savings. However, if we ask how many of us are able to achieve this goal, the result will likely not go beyond the fingers of one hand. We have gathered useful tools that will reduce the costs of daily life for you. You won’t be able to hide your astonishment when you will see the savings you will be able to make with the cost reduction tips and how easy it is to integrate into your daily life.

Heat saving comes first in reducing costs in a home. In order to save heat, it is necessary to choose the right aluminum windows.

Eco consumption shower head

Interestingly, there are smart shower heads that reduce water consumption and increase water pressure. You can increase water pressure by 200% on average and save around 30% water while showering at affordable prices.

New generation LED bulbs

LED bulbs produced with today's technology have the ability to convert electricity into light with higher efficiency compared to standard bulbs and other energy saving bulbs. These bulbs deserve to be among the essential objects of houses with their price, their lifespan and their consumption of electricity.

Right painting techniques

If you live in a warm place, you can paint your house with white or clearer colors and remove the heat from the sun and if the place you live in is cold, you may prefer darker colors and draw heat to your building. This will reduce your heating and cooling costs and keep your money in your pocket.

Smart socket solutions

Did you know that connected devices continue to consume energy even when they are not in use? To avoid this situation, you can choose smart sockets which turn off when you press the buttons and thus completely cut off the power. This solution will allow you to make considerable savings during the year.

Insulated windows

Research shows that 28% of heat loss in buildings is caused by windows. This highlights the importance of choosing the right window for energy savings. By choosing high insulation smart windows for your building, you can avoid energy loss and save your money. As Elitech, we can help you choose the most suitable aluminium door and window products for your building, so that we can combine your living space with high comfort, elegance, security and insulation. You can use our contact page to discuss it with our experts and benefit from our free discovery service.

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