Aluminium Top Hung Windows

Aluminium Top Hung Windows are window types that can be opened horizontally and fixed at a certain angle. These outward opening aluminium windows, which can be used for both small and large window sizes, are mostly used in shopping malls, luxury hotels, and business centers due to their elegant appearance. Thanks to the flexible scissors on both sides, this system gradually opens towards the outside. Aluminium Top Hung Windows, produced by special order, are one of the most preferred window models in modern architecture with their distinctive elegance.

Aluminium Top Hung Windows, are produced in white, charcoal, bronze colors, and they are delivered to you according to your request without any price differences. With Aluminium Top Hung Windows that we produce in different sizes, you can find options in all sizes to your every demand. All our aluminium window systems have a 10-year warranty. Aluminium Top Hung Windows, which you can use in your buildings for many years, is highly resistant to all weather conditions and external factors.

Aluminium Top Hung Windows
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Aluminium Top Hung Window Feature

In Aluminium Top Hung Windows system, the wings can open vertically in addition to the horizontal opening, depending on the accessory selected. The maximum window width is 900-1200mm in horizontal space and 600-1200mm in vertical space.

Some of the other advantages of Aluminium Top Hung Window are:

  • It can be easily applied to narrow window spaces and gives maximum benefit.
  • When considering the price & performance balance, it is very profitable.
  • Highly resistant to extreme cold and hot weather conditions.
  • It can be used in both luxury residential and architectural projects.
  • They have many color options according to your request.
  • Due to its long life and stylish appearance, it is mostly used in shopping malls, luxury hotels, business centers, etc.

Aluminium Top Hung Window Prices

Aluminium Top Hung Window prices, are higher than other window types because they are produced with the latest aluminium production technology and have an elegant appearance. When you consider the durability and quality, you will understand that they are logical investment. You can learn all the details of our durable and affordable aluminium products by contacting us. We determine the suitable model according to your needs. Depending on this need, we give the most reasonable price offer to you.