Guillotine System

Guillotine System

The guillotine system is an excellent system where you can open spaces to as much light freedom as possible. With its wide-opening windows that open vertically with its special motor system, it brings together unlimited natural light wherever it is applied. Special aluminum profiles, which facilitate the movement of the glasses by carrying them, are high-strength but narrow enough to be almost invisible. With this superiority, the aluminum guillotine system provides a maximum viewing angle to every place where it is applied. Even when closed, it does not leave any obstacles between the transparency of the glass. It offers the best comfort to those who like open spaces as much as possible.

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Conscious investors create brand value by hosting their customers in spacious environments by using the aluminum guillotine system in their businesses. Environments such as cafes and restaurants, hotel lobbies and patisseries provide the best comfort to everyone using this system. It is applied on the balconies and verandas of the houses, and the houses meet with the freedom of unlimited horizons. It integrates the building architecture in the best way with its transparency, elegance and most importantly, its practical use. The system works practically by moving the windows up and down on special rails whenever you want with the help of the remote control. The system can also be operated easily with smartphone integration. It can also be moved with the control button fixed on the wall.

The guillotine system is the most advantageous system for glazed closures. The negativity of classical window systems that narrows the field of view is completely eliminated with this system. Indoors or outdoors, it meets the widest landscape view. In nice weather, it can be opened completely and interior ventilation can be done easily. In rainy, cool or windy weather, it is closed with the practicality of a remote control, thus maintaining the comfort of vision. It makes air-conditioning very easy and saves energy costs.

Guillotine System

It opens in hot weather and brings the environment together with seriality in a short time. It preserves the indoor temperature with the advantage of the insulation system even in cold weather. The aluminum guillotine system can also be used with partial closures. Reflective colored glasses can be preferred as sunshades or used with curtain systems.

One of the important advantages of the system is the superiority that does not narrow the space. Since the windows move more or less vertically, it does not restrict the placement of furniture-like items in the environment. This situation provides great convenience especially for the table placements in cafes and restaurants. Tables can be brought close to the bottom of the glass.

The Elitech aluminum guillotine system has made the movement of special electronic motor windows extremely easy. The special motor, together with the fast movement, prepares the comfort of the glass system that works with minimum noise. It is possible to create special color combinations that integrate with the space where it will be applied, with aluminum colors in different RAL codes and glass color alternatives.

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Guillotine System

Guillotine System Models

Guillotine system models, each design of which provides maximum viewing angle with natural light to the place where it is applied, provides spaciousness and comfort. The system is produced in two different models according to the insulation alternative. According to the insulation feature, these models are shaped as insulated and non-insulated. Insulated systems are preferred for covering areas such as balconies in homes. In commercial enterprises, it is especially demanded in areas such as restaurants and cafes. By choosing the insulated model, the energy consumption of air-conditioning devices such as air conditioners is minimized, thereby gaining profit from operating expenses. Likewise, it is aimed to protect the ambient temperature in the best way in the usage areas where windy and cool weather prevails.

All of the Eliteh guillotine system models use the SOMFY engine system, which has come to the fore with its quality worldwide. The engine is an important factor that does not seem important in the smooth running of the system. The system is activated by the power generation of the engine by using chain and rotating gear bearings hidden in aluminum profile channels. With its specially chosen engine and equipment, the system stands out with the quietest and fastest movement performance. The chain and gear bearing in DIN 8187 standard work in perfect harmony with the motor. With the choice of the best equipment, the guillotine system is used for many years without any problems. The system, which is activated as soon as the control button is pressed, can be stopped at the desired opening range. The widest openings can be achieved by using 500x300 cm glass in the models.

Eliteh guillotine system models are produced with three different control preferences. The controllers have a choice of 1, 5 and 60 channels. Depending on the user's desire, the windows in the system can be moved individually or together with the help of the remote control. Each section can be customized by numbering. System management can be operated easily without the need for a controller by installing the Connexon application on devices with IOS and Android operating systems. This application facilitates the remote control of the system over the Wi-Fi network.

The 3.5 mm thick special casting insulation barrier placed in the aluminum top box in the models contributes to the silence by reducing the operating noise of the system in the range of 30 - 35 dB. Likewise, special EPDM wicks placed at the bottom of the upper box prevent the movement of sound, water, dust and air circulation inside when the windows are closed. Special bi-directional aluminum profile provides ease of connection without the need for any other apparatus in wide-opening applications. The glue specially developed for the Elitech guillotine system contributes to the perfect connection of the glasses into the aluminum profile. With its special flexible softness, this glue is extremely resistant to windy weather conditions and bumps.

Since the aluminum profile and other metal equipment used in all models do not allow corrosion, the system is completely protected from mold and decay.

Modern Design
Modern Design
Customer Satisfaction
Customer Satisfaction

Guillotine System Prices

Guillotine system prices, which provide comfort to commercial enterprises that cannot be provided with any other building model, increase the comfort and attractiveness of the place where they are used and bring them to the investors. It adds value to environments such as hotels, cafes, restaurants, patisseries where it is applied, with its appearance and comfort of use. Even when it is closed, it raises the environment to a preferred position with its spaciousness for customers with the high brightness it provides. For this reason, investors who prefer the system can easily place their businesses among the most preferred venues for their customers. They contribute to their passionate attachment to the space by creating the best comfort environment with plenty of light. The venue turns into a business that is especially preferred by customers in cool and windy weather.

With its many advantages, guillotine system prices continue to provide businesses with the profit it provides during their use. In addition to its functional use feature, it also adds advantages that turn the investment cost into profit in a short time, and it brings profits to the enterprises.

Elitech expertise is with you when you want to prepare special spaces for your customers with the guillotine system in your business or to make the balcony and veranda of your house functional. You can get free support for the most accurate models for your space by contacting the Elitech customer representative immediately. Eiletch guillotine system prices, produced with the use of European profiles, engines, accessories and special equipment, are ready to meet you with advantages.

Guillotine System Designs

The most useful aluminum guillotine system has been designed to bring stylish design to your business and homes. It brings together natural light and functional usage advantages wherever it is applied. It provides pleasant use with its design that can be opened according to your taste in full or local closing alternatives. The designs meet with the integration of remote control and mobile application at special level settings in production, and usage turns into a passion.

The vertical design advantage that does not restrict the space in areas such as cafes and restaurants is reflected in comfort. Table arrays and other items around the system can be placed without being restricted. Spacings of up to 5 meters, integrating design with production, and the preference of a specially thin profile that does not cut the viewing angle between two glasses, make the comfort of the space attractive.

Which Guillotine System Right For You

Aluminum guillotine systems that will add value to your building, which brings together the unique brightness of light and aesthetics, are among the most preferred Elitech models. You can contact the Elitech customer representative immediately for the most suitable models that will add value to your space and provide comfort with their functional use. You can benefit from free support service for the most accurate model recommendations for your home and advantageous pricing specific to your budget.

What are the Advantages of the Guillotine System?

It brings aesthetics to usage areas such as cafes, restaurants, patisseries, canteens and hotel lobby in harmony with modern architecture. It increases the awareness of the place with its functional usage advantages and turns it into a most preferred attraction center for customers. It is applied to balconies, terraces and verandas in houses, and includes it in the comfort of indoor indoor use that can be managed.

In addition to its many prominent advantages, among the benefits of the Elitech aluminum movable glass system;

  • Offers a new generation of manageable indoor lighting solution to commercial businesses
  • Creates a uniquely bright environment with its high-strength thin profiles
  • Large windows of maximum width create the best lighting in the space with unrestricted penetration of natural light
  • Spring, winter or summer provides the easiest air-conditioning advantage in all seasons.
  • Insulated models save on air conditioning energy costs
  • With its bright and attractive environment, your business gains awareness by being told from language to language by your customers
  • Integrates with the building architecture in the best way with its many RAL color profile preferences and glass color alternatives
  • All the materials that make up the system, such as profile, motor, controller, accessories, chain rail, gear bearing, are selected from the best quality and are made in Europe.
  • The special motor system works very practically and silently, and it saves the environment from disturbing noise.
  • Provides the advantage of vertical movement for furniture placement as well. Tables, chairs and other materials can be zoomed up to the glass without limitation
  • It can be used safely for many years without the need for maintenance
  • Elitech advantages are always with you with after-sales support.
Guillotine System
It opens in hot weather and brings the environment together with seriality in a short time. It preserves the i...