Climatic Shading Systems
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Climatic shading systems make it possible to have a pleasant time outdoors during even the warmest days. Thanks to the superior technology used by Elitech, these systems allow comfortable use all year long.

Basically, climatic shading systems have a build similar to pergolas. They have closed roofs and open sides, letting in fresh air while protecting the user from UV rays or rain.

Climatic Shading Systems

Climatic Shading Systems Models

Climatic shading systems are some of Elitech's most popular retractable awning products. These platforms usually have a square build, occupying less place than other awning systems and offering better shading. Thanks to the adjustable blinds, the system can provide flexible use - you can open the roof at night and watch the gorgeous night sky. 

Climatic Shading Systems

Climatic Shading Systems Prices

The pricing for climatic shading systems might dramatically differ from product to product. Usually, the size and measures of the product alter the pricing. Besides, the control mechanism and other features might increase - or decrease - the final price. 

At Elitech, we aim to provide the best service for the best price by delivering them the most affordable and quality offers. You can always contact us for a free quote and more information about our products.

Modern Design
Modern Design
Customer Satisfaction
Customer Satisfaction

Climatic Shading System Design Features

Elitech designs its climatic shading systems with a minimalistic look. Thanks to the climatic shading system's stunning design, you can add an elegant touch to your garden. Also, thanks to the complete customisation opportunity we provide, you can easily choose the colour and structure of your shading system.

Elitech aims to provide its customers with the best house systems, from high-security steel doors to frameless glass solutions. Our extensive collection of affordable and utile solutions adds comfort and luxury to any space.

Why Choose Climatic Shading Systems

As Elitech's shading systems have various models, each with its own advantages, choosing the right one is vital for comfortable use. Here are some of the reasons why someone should choose climatic shading systems:

  • Occupies less place: Unlike other automated systems, climatic shading systems occupy less place and are ideal for smaller spaces.
  • Easy to use: Thanks to Elitech's advanced design, climatic shading systems provide their users with easy use. The product's blinds can be easily controlled manually or via a remote controller.
  • Breathable: Climatic shading systems have open sides and a closed roof, which lets in fresh air and creates a breathable space.




Using climatic shading systems comes with various advantages. Following is a list of some of these advantages:

  • Panoramic view: Climatic shading systems provide a clear view of your surroundings. This makes them especially ideal for those who need a tranquil area to create a reading room or an area to welcome guests.
  • Suitable for warm climates: If you live in an area where summers get too hot, a climatic shading system might add your garden the sun-protected space you need.
  • Aesthetic: Climatic shading systems come with a contemporary aesthetic that adds a modern atmosphere to your garden or yard. The system enhances the aesthetic appeal of any space, adding a more elegant touch to it. 
  • Energy efficient: Thanks to the adjustable blinds the climatic shading systems offer, you can easily achieve energy efficiency within your garden. The convenience and comfort of sitting outdoors, under a sun-protecting roof, during sweltering summer days will definitely reduce your use of AC indoors.
  • Low maintenance: Since Elitech's climatic shading systems are made of quality alluminium, they are resistant to various external factors, offering a life-long use. And thanks to the superior material quality, climatic shading systems require little to no maintenance.

There are a few factors to consider before deciding whether climatic shading systems are right for you. Some of these factors are:

  • Space: Climatic shading systems are smaller than most other shading systems. Therefore, if you have little place in your garden or do not want to create a cluttered look, a climatic shading system might be ideal.
  • Control: Climatic shading systems offer both manual and remote controllers, which allows you to easily adjust the blinds of the system.
  • Budget: Compared to other types of shading systems, climatic shading systems have more budget-friendly pricing. Nevertheless, it is always worth noting that pricing may change according to customer preferences and demands.


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Climatic Shading Systems
Climatic Shading Systems Models Climatic shading systems are some of Elitech's most popular retractable awn...