Pergola Shading Systems
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Pergola Shading Systems

Pergolas are a great way to add color and privacy to outdoor spaces. A pergola can provide an elegant transition between indoors and outdoors. With Elitech Pergola, we allow our customers to expand and improve their outdoor spaces and protect them from the sun and other harmful elements.

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Pergola Shading Systems

Adding colour and privacy to outdoor spaces is easier than ever, thanks to Elitech's pergola shading systems. A pergola is a perfect way to create an elegant transition between indoors and outdoors. With Elitech Pergola, you can effortlessly expand and improve your outdoor spaces and protect them from the sun and other harmful elements.

You can use pergola shading systems in your garden or yard, creating an ideal spot to sit down and read your favourite book or drink a glass of lemonade during sunny summer days. Also, with their advanced sun-protection technology and various advantages, pergola shading systems improve the functionality of your outdoor spaces.

Retractable Awning Systems for the Best

Pergola shading systems are only one of the types of retractable awning systems. Whereas each one of these systems has its advantages and features that make it stand out, all of them serve the primary purpose of providing advanced protection against UV rays and various weather conditions. Besides, retractable awning systems designed by Elitech aim to fit any outdoor space and improve its aesthetic appeal.

Therefore, we can say that retractable awning systems are the best solution to create better-looking and highly functioning outdoor spaces.

Why Pergola Shading Systems?

Like other retractable awning systems, pergola shading systems have their unique features. Here are some of the reasons to choose pergola shading systems:

  • Unlike other retractable awning systems, pergola shading systems have a more open build, making them an ideal option for having a panoramic view of the outdoors.
  • Pergolas feature a moving roof that users can open to watch the sky whenever they want.
  • As an automatic door and window system, it is easy to open or close pergolas through a controller.
  • Unlike sliding shading systems, pergolas have open sides, making them the best option for mild and warm climates.
Modern Design
Modern Design
Customer Satisfaction
Customer Satisfaction

Pergola Shading Systems Models

Pergola shading systems models come with an advanced automated system, allowing users to control these awnings through remote controllers.

As Elitech offers an advanced customisation opportunity, Elitech might equip these systems with various manual and automatic features on customers' demand.

In order to improve the privacy of the pergola and protect it against cold weather and rain, pergolas can be designed with glass panels or screens that close the sides of the platform.

Pergola Shading Systems Prices

As pergola shading systems prices might change according to the extra features and measures, it is hard to provide a fixed price. Nevertheless, if you want to learn the pricing of Elitech's products and get a quote, you can always contact us.

Pergola Shading System Designs

Pergola shading system designs have a wide variety of colours and material choices. Thus, you can have the most fitting pergola system for your garden. The extensive collection of designs will add a gorgeous aesthetic to your outdoor spaces.

Although the pergola shading systems usually come with wooden flooring, they can be modified on customer demand, as various colours and materials are also available.

  • Pergola shading systems have various advantages making them a perfect solution for outdoor spaces. Some of them are:
  • Improved privacy: Using a pergola offers improved privacy, enhancing comfort and relaxation.
  • Protection from external elements: Pergolas protect you from UV rays, rain and snow; this makes them a perfect option for sunny and rainy areas.
  • Durable: Elitech's pergola shading systems are made of quality material, which requires little maintenance and offers superior durability. Therefore, a pergola shading system may provide lifelong usage with almost no maintenance.
  • Customisable: Pergola systems offer full customisation; this way, customers can configure the products in accordance with their needs and desires.

If you wonder whether pergola shading systems are the perfect option for you, here are some of the reasons to go with pergolas:

  • Pergolas have a closed roof and open sides. So, if you live in an area with a mild or warm climate, a pergola might protect you from the sunlight without making it sweltering hot.
  • Due to their simple aesthetic, pergolas are the best option for contemporary designs and minimalist houses.
  • The wooden flooring of pergolas makes them a hypoallergenic and more chich choice.
  • Pergolas are usually more affordable than other retractable awning systems, making them a budget-friendly option.
Pergola Shading Systems
Adding colour and privacy to outdoor spaces is easier than ever, thanks to Elitech's pergola shading systems....