6 Reasons To Install Glass Balustrades In Your Home

6 Reasons To Install Glass Balustrades In Your Home

03 November 2023

From elevated floors to staircases and balconies, glass balustrades have many purposes around variety of spaces. Glass balustrades are made from strong tempered glass, these panels, also known as toughened glass, offer exceptional durability, making them highly resistant to breaking. 
They are not only for looks though. They act as a space divider and safety barrier without disturbing views! They are especially necessary in places where people can trip or fall. 
While they are durable and improve safety, they also enhance the aesthetics of the space, whether it be indoor or outdoor space. So, with that said, here are 5 reasons to install glass balustrades in your home:

Creates a More Modern Space

One of the main reasons to install glass balustrades in your home is their modern and aesthetic look. Elitech's glass balustrades are both elegant and functional. They transform any space to aesthetic spaces. With their clean lines and transparent borders, they seamlessly blend into your space, providing uninterrupted views that make your space feel bigger.
The glass lets more light in, and this enhances the surroundings, adding a touch of sophistication. Picture your staircase appearing to float, the sleekness of a frameless glass balustrade defying gravity and opening up your space. Glass balustrade stairs create an illusion of larger rooms and hallways. When used on balconies, they not only safeguard you but also elevate the perception of height. 

It Lets in More Light

Elitech’s frameless glass solutions already transform your space and make it more spacious. Combine that with our balustrades, it redefines openness, effortlessly blending safety with aesthetics. Transparent borders create an illusion of a bigger space, making them the perfect choice for decking or pool areas where safety is crucial without interrupting the views.
One of the main advantages is that glass balustrades let light in. Sometimes, limited windows can cast shadows, making spaces feel dark and enclosed. However, with our glass balustrades, you maximize the available light, transforming even the dimmest areas into bright, inviting spaces. 

Glass Balustrades are Very Durable

You might be thinking that glass in such spaces is very dangerous, especially at houses with children and pets. Don’t you worry! Elitech’s glass balustrades are crafted with toughened glass. These balustrades offer a perfect blend of security and aesthetic appeal. Despite their delicate appearance, modern glass technology ensures their durability, making them incredibly hard to break or shatter. This way, your child can enjoy outdoors view while your pet is also watching the outside world.


One of the standout advantages of glass is its longevity. Unlike wood, it doesn't warp or corrode, ensuring your investment lasts for decades without showing signs of aging. Imagine the convenience of a balustrade that requires minimal maintenance. A simple glass cleaner and cloth are all you need to keep it looking brand new. At Elitech, we offer not just balustrades, but peace of mind, knowing your outdoor space is has a timeless, low-maintenance elegance that lasts a long time.

Style Choices are Versatile

With a variety of glass colours and types, including tempered, textured, curved, frosted, or patterned, these balustrades can be shaped however you like it! They can feature or omit a handrail and be affixed using posts or a channel, allowing for seamless integration into your space.

Environmentally Friendly

Just like aluminium, glass is also environmentally friendly. Being recyclable and chemically inert, glass stands out as an eco-conscious choice for balustrades. Beyond being eco-friendly, the popularity of glass balustrades has sparked a rise in demand for Juliet balconies, named after the iconic balcony scene in Shakespeare's ‘Romeo and Juliet’. These balconies serve as a frame or guard in front of a door, letting in light and air while ensuring safety.

Which Type Of Glass To Use For Balustrades?

It can be tricky to know the type of glass to use for balustrades. As there are many types of glasses, you should consider each before making a decision. For residential installations, standard toughened glass provides robustness while maintaining a chick appearance. However, in more demanding public or commercial environments, we recommend using laminated toughened glass. This advanced option, strengthened by sealing two layers of toughened glass with an interlayer, offers the best durability.
The choice of glass and fixtures depends on your installation location and purpose. Whether you need space dividers or protection against floor level changes, our glass balustrades are tailored to meet your specific requirements. Compatible with UK Building Regulations and British European Safety Standards, our panels adhere to the necessary thickness, height, width, and impact load standards, including handrail requirements for specific settings.

Our glass selection has various types, too. We provide standard toughened glass and extra-clear low-iron toughened glass, available in thicknesses ranging from 10mm to 15mm, ideal for post or post and rail systems. For those seeking a frameless solution, our toughened laminated glass, ranging from 10.8mm to 32mm, offers a seamless, modern aesthetic.
If you desire a touch of privacy without compromising transparency, Elitech offers additional finishes. Choose from our frosted satin glass for an elegant, opaque appearance or opt for tinted glass in subtle grey or bronze hues, both available in 10mm thickness. 
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