12 Types of Glass and 3 Characteristics Architects Should Look Out For

12 Types of Glass and 3 Characteristics Architects Should Look Out For

30 May 2022

Do we know what glass is? Glass is a material manufactured using natural stones. The most common types of glass are soda ash, limestone and soda-limestone. It is preferred by many people because it is a versatile material. 

What are the properties of glass?

  • Transparency 

What is transparency and what makes glass transparent? To answer this question, we must first know how the glass is formed. Glass consists of an amorphous solid, which is a solid material with a liquid structure. The glass has a microscopic level, which means that it can hit the surface of the glass without scattering the light in different directions. Transparency is the perfect material for products that require light, such as pens, light bulbs, reading glasses.

  • Strength and Machinability

You may doubt that glass is a strong material, as it is a difficult-looking material. But the understanding of what gives the glass its strength and determines its workability is a complicated technique. But there is one thing you need to know, and that is that glass is reliable. Aluminum top hung windows are an example of this.

  • The U-value of glass

The value U is known as the thermal permeability of an object. Thermal permeability means that heat can easily escape from a room or house, but there is no such feature in uPVC folding windows.

12-types-of-glass-3-characteristics-architects-should-look-out-for-168079426812 what are the uses of glass and architecture types?

1 - Annealed glass

Annealed glass gets its name from the identification process, and after it is shaped, it gradually begins to cool down. It offers freedom to experiment, as it is more affordable than other types of glass.

2 - Heat-strengthened glass

Heat-strengthened glass is able to withstand external stresses, such as wind and snow, as well as thermal loads that are encountered through solar energy. It is 2 times stronger than annealed glass and is usually used for general glazing purposes.

3 - Laminated glass

It is the most ideal for safety glass, and its primary place of use is security.

4- Insulated glass

As the name implies, it is the glass that forms the insulation. It is traditionally used in houses, office blocks and hotels.

5- Flat glass

Flat glass is a sheet of glass made by floating glass in a molten state on a bed of molten metal. Transparent flat glass is used for windows on the outside and inside of buildings.

6- Chromatic glass

It is a transparent and colorable glass that can control its efficiency. It is used in meeting rooms and intensive care units.

7- Colored glass

It is made by adding a small amount of metal oxide to the glass in the production process. Tinted windows are often used in east-facing houses.

8- Toughened glass

It is a safety glass. It is similar to laminated glass, but much stronger. It is popular for doors, stairs, sliding doors and ground-level windows, as it is used for security purposes.

9- Coated glass

The coating changes the behavior of the glass, making it more resistant to the sun's rays. Due to its sun protection qualities, coated glass is used.

10- Double glazing

Windows with two glass panes instead of one. The purpose of double glazing is only to reduce heat transfer. It is used in places where insulation is minimal.

11- Hidden cam

It is the glass known as frosted glass, and it is the kind of glass with suitable use for bathrooms, toilet bowls and shower doors.

12- Mirrored glass

it is glass on which a reflective film is applied. It is usually used for decorative purposes.

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