Deceuninck uPVC Zendow Plus Systems

Zendow uPVC windows and doors are designed to cover every detail and easily adapt to different styles thanks to its excellent design and aesthetics.

The Zendow Plus uPVC windows and doors system easily adapts to the style of your spaces thanks to its excellent design and aesthetics.

Deceuninck uPVC Zendow Plus Systems

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Deceuninck uPVC Zendow Plus systems are one of the most popular options among Deceuninck's Zendow systems

Designed to fit any style and cover every detail, Zendow Plus systems are the best option for those wanting to enhance the comfort of their home.

With their creative design and contemporary look, uPVC Zendow Plus systems, combining perfect insulation, elegance and functionality, are ideal for creating a contemporary and functional style.

What Are the Advantages of Deceuninck uPVC Zendow Plus Systems?

Deceuninck uPVC Zendow Plus systems have improved features, making them one of the most advantageous products in Elitech's collection. 

The most prominent advantages of Zendow Plus are:
A-class quality: Zendow Plus products boast A-class quality. This way, the product offers improved durability.
• Suitable for everywhere: Zendow Plus systems boast a design suitable for any structure. The well-designed product is perfect for any architectural style.
Enhanced functionality: The A-class quality of Zendow Plus enhances its functionality.
• Better insulation: The superior design and quality of Zendow Plus systems equip them with better insulation properties than most alternatives.
• An affordable option: Deceuninck uPVC Zendow Plus systems have affordable prices, making them accessible for all.

Features of Deceuninck uPVC Zendow Plus Systems

Deceuninck uPVC Zendow Plus systems have various features that make them an ideal choice for your home. 
The most prominent of these features are:
• Quality Material: Deceuninck's Zendow Plus systems boast quality uPVC material, increasing their durability. Thanks to the solid material used in these products, they resist external factors better and provide prolonged use.
• Improved Security: Zendow Plus systems have enhanced security features to make it impossible to break into or force open. From an improved multi-lock system to well-sealed frames, these products provide any structure with the best security possible.
• Superior Insulation: Another feature of Deceuninck uPVC Zendow Plus systems is their superior insulation properties. Thanks to the well-designed frames and thick glasses, Zendow Plus systems reduce heat flow and offer energy efficiency.
• Creative Design: Deceuninck uPVC Zendow Plus systems are designed to add an elegant and creative touch to your home. Thanks to their minimalist aesthetics, these systems are suitable for any architectural style.
• Low Maintenance: The durability and resistance of uPVC Zendow Plus systems make them ideal for life-long use. These products require almost no maintenance, and cleaning them occasionally is enough to keep them in good condition.
• Seamless Opening: Deceuninck uPVC Zendow Plus systems have a well-designed frame. The seamless opening feature provided by the advanced design provides an effortless use.

Detailed Customisation

At Elitech, we always aim to provide our customers with a detailed customisation opportunity, allowing them to create their ideal products.

Rich Colour Options

The rich colour options of Deceuninck uPVC Zendow systems allow you to configure the appearance of your uPVC doors and windows.

Any Size

You should ensure choosing the most suitable sizes for your home. Thankfully, with the complete customisation opportunity we offer, you can customise the sizes of your Zendow Plus systems as you wish.

Features You Wish

Do you want to enrich your windows with additional features? You can always contact us to learn what we can do to help you.

Maintenance and Installation


After you purchase the product, our professional team will deliver it to your address and install it. Our team will carefully follow the essential steps to ensure the system works faultlessly.

Maintenance Details

Deceuninck uPVC Zendow Plus systems boast A-class quality and an advanced design that requires little to no maintenance. Nevertheless, regular cleaning is necessary to keep your windows in good condition. Here is what you need to know about cleaning your Zendow system:
• Clean your products at least two to three times per year.
• Avoid using harsh chemicals or coarse materials when cleaning your windows. A sponge or a smooth cloth with soap should work finely.
• Do not overclean, as overuse of chemicals might damage your product.

Contact Us for More Info

At Elitech, we always aim to provide our clients with the best. From aluminium doors to automated systems, we always offer affordable and functional products to adorn your home. You can contact us to learn more about our Deceuninck uPVC Zendow Plus systems and get a free quote.

Technical Properties
  • Profile Width70mm
  • Number of Chambers5
  • Number of Gasket2/3 (Middle Gasket Optional)
  • GasketTPE Gray / Black
  • CheetahSingle Nail - PCE Gasket
  • Glass Thicknesses4,20,24,30,36,44 mm
  • StandardTS EN 12608-1 Class A
  • Heat Conductivity CoefficientUf: 1.3 W / m2K (with middle seal) Uf: 1.4 W / m2K
Technical Drawings
Zendow Plus uPVC Systems
Deceuninck uPVC Zendow Plus Systems Zendow uPVC windows and doors are designed to cover every detail and ea...