Why are uPVC Windows so Popular?

Why are uPVC Windows so Popular?

08 September 2021

Why are uPVC Windows so Popular?

uPVC stands for unplasticized polyvinyl chloride. It is also known as rigid uPVC due to its rigidity and non-flexibility. Elitech uPVC Windows are distinctly more durable than regular PVC, which is generally used for pipes and window frames. It is widely used, especially in construction works. At Elitech building solutions, we manufacture robust products e harshest weather conditions.

Why is uPVC the Preferred Material for Window Frames?

uPVC window, has been proven to offer excellent performance and durability. It is a long-lasting product and requires little maintenance. uPVC is the perfect material for your windows. It is also known for its thermal efficiency, sound insulation and affordable price.

High-quality Elitech PVC windows require low maintenance and they are extremely easy to maintain. For larger frame sections, we use galvanized steel reinforcing to increase strength and durability. This provides peace of mind knowing that your windows will not warp, rot or rust, thanks to uPVC's standard of quality.

What are the Advantages of Using uPVC for Window Frames?

There are many beneficial advantages using uPVC that make it the perfect material for window frames. In addition to being extremely durable and long-lasting, it is known for providing the highest thermal comfort level currently available.

Low Cost: uPVC windows, are considerably cheaper than aluminium and timber products offering greater benefits in the same profile dimensions. Costs can vary depending on the quality and features of the windows, but you can expect a much more affordable price when choosing uPVC windows.

Low maintenance: The material tends to be very popular because it requires very little maintenance. Inside the frames and except for cleaning several times a year, you can leave your windows to take care of themselves. Unlike timber, uPVC will not be damaged by any decay or weather conditions due to the extremely durable nature of the material. uPVC is also excellent at providing sound insulation, and studies show that it can reduce outdoor noise by up to 70%.

Excellent performance: Elitech uPVC windows are extremely energy efficient, so their installation can help you reduce heating costs and keep your living spaces at an ambient temperature. Due to its durability and robustness, uPVC is also very reliable when it comes to your home security system.

Where is uPVC utilized?

uPVC products are highly versatile. They are widely used, especially in construction works. It is preferred in windows, doors and roofs of homes and workplaces. Structurally, irrigation pipes, wastewater pipes, shutters are widely used in construction.

In the automotive industry, the use of uPVC is used as windscreen wipers and mats. It is possible to find uPVC even in the medical sector. Serum boxes, surgical gloves, blood bags, are all made using uPVC. It is used in the construction of various household items. It is frequently used in the production of artificial leather, toys, shoes and credit cards.

uPVC materials are utilized in our daily lives. You have been unknowingly been surrounded by this technology for decades.

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