What is modern architecture and its impact on South Africa

What is modern architecture and its impact on South Africa

07 February 2022

What is modern architecture and its impact on South Africa? The advent of contemporary architecture coincided with the replacement of human labor by machine-made industry. Modern architects have sought to create construction approaches that focus on what people find attractive rather than how they live. This architecture is not sentimental in the way that revitalizing styles are. Instead, it is avant-garde, experimental, and minimalist.

Modern architecture is a style of construction that emphasizes form over ornamentation. In other words, this design aesthetic differs from ornately decorated homes such as Queen Anne Victorian or Gothic Revival.
In the United States alone, there are few modern architectural styles. Expressionist, Constructivist, and Mid-Century Modern are some of the categories that exist between 1930 and 1970. As a result, determining a precise starting point can be difficult. Some people associate the style with more transitional architecture, such as the Art Deco and Arts and Crafts movements. Others saw these older styles as more "pure," and they served as a source of inspiration for mid-century modern architects.

Because there are so many different styles of modern architecture, there are a few distinguishing characteristics. These are some of the more common, broad core features that can manifest themselves in a variety of ways.

What is Modern Architecture?

  • Straight, simple lines. These lines lack any further adornment and have a uniform, smooth feel.

  • Overhanging roofs. A few contemporary residences have low, horizontal constructions with large roof overhangs.

  • Large windows with glass walls There is a lot of glass, which allows a lot of natural light into the room.

  • Floor plans that are clear and well-defined. Because contemporary architecture emphasizes form rather than function, the architects aimed to integrate vast, open floor plans with flowing eating and living rooms.

  • Building materials that are both modern and old.

  • Traditional construction materials like wood, brick, and stone were employed in simpler ways to highlight their inherent beauty.

  • Asymmetrical layouts. Modern architects experimented with broad, smooth outlines and asymmetrical compositions that were well-planned and free of ornamentation.

what-is-modern-architecture-and-its-impact-on-south-africa-1-1680699376Its Impact on South Africa?

The removal of artifacts from South African houses is the most prevalent motif. Ornamentation was still employed in earlier kinds of contemporary architecture. For instance, Frank Lloyd Wright would employ art glass panels to eliminate the need for extra artwork. Aside from that, modern architecture is generally analytical and unobtrusive.

There are several works in Africa that meet this description as well. Modern African dwellings eventually appeared to be too chilly for daily living. Modern houses were groundbreaking in that they embraced the notion of open-plan living. Clutter and unnecessary stuff were also condemned by the concept. As the design age developed, however, many architects questioned the idea of substantial space and the absence of cold and impersonal materials. This progression has resulted in more modern designs that blend decoration and color. Contemporary houses in South Africa can feature an open concept floor design while yet providing some seclusion.

In a nutshell, modern buildings began in the 19th century and concluded with the advent of more current styles in the 1960s. Modern architecture's fundamental principles include form following function, clean lines, and a lack of adornment. Due to the surplus space and harsh character of construction materials, modern ideas eventually proved too frigid for ordinary living.

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