Swatter, widely preferred by many people in our daily lives, can be used comfortably in almost every area. People generally prefer swatter systems in living rooms or halls where they spend most of their time in their homes.

Some people prefer it in the bedroom and kitchen as well as in the living rooms and halls. The only way to fight flies and insects with natural methods is to install a swatter in places such as windows, doors, glass balconies and ventilation openings.

Swatter systems, are user-oriented and functional products for protection purposes, which have been important in recent years. They stand out with their environmental and useful features.Today, it is the most effective method in combating both houseflies and mosquitoes, which must be fought because it carries microbes that cause many diseases. In accordance with its purpose, it will serve you for many years and protect you against insects.


Why Should You Use the Swatter?

There are various methods to protect from flies and insects, such as ambient spraying, electric fly killers, creams or sprays. However, each has several disadvantages.

All of the raw materials used in swatter systems are suitable for recycling. While keeping unwanted creatures away from your living space, it does not harm them. Thus, it does not affect the ecological system.

Some of the other features are:

  • It is much more economical considering its permanence.
  • It prevents us from using chemicals such as spray medication.
  • With the fly screen, you can easily avoid flies, insects, bees, etc. that you do not want.
  • Since it does not contain a chemical substance, it does not have a harmful side for humans.
  • They can easily set up and cleaned.
  • It is easy to fit and remove.
  • They can be made in the desired size and shape.

Swatter Models

Swatter systems, can be applied with plastic joinery, aluminum joinery, wood joinery, iron joinery. There are many models of swatter such as roller shutter (used vertically on windows and horizontally on doors), sliding (preferred for sliding windows and doors), hinged (in addition to its fixed feature, it can be easily removed), and adhesive swatters (İt can be washed and cleaned) for doors and windows.

In this way, you will be able to open your windows and doors easily on hot summer days and in the spring season when the weather starts to get warmer and you will be able to lead your life well without being exposed to external factors.

Swatter Prices

Swatter prices, vary according to the dimensions of the place to be applied, the desired fly screen model, and the color factor. Swatter prices show differences in terms of design and material, but generally, their costs are close to each other. You can find the exact price by checking our “swatter prices list” catalog. If you want to get information about swatter prices, please call us by browsing our information on our contact page.