Standard Door Sizes In South Africa

Standard Door Sizes In South Africa

04 July 2023

Standard door sizes change from place to place. It’s essential that you know the standard door sizes around where you live or work because it will make a huge difference when selecting the right model, and the process will be easier. Also, it is essential because you will need your door properly installed. 
While standard door sizes in South Africa are relatively consistent across the country, it is important to consider the width, height, and frame sizes of your door opening when making a purchase. Elitech is here to help you learn more about standard door sizes in South Africa, so you can get the best service without having any problems. We also recommend you check our aluminum doors to get a better understanding of door types, so you can choose from various types!


Factors That Determine The Door Sizes

Door sizes matter. When deciding on doors for your house or business, it is crucial to take into account the width, the height, and the frame size. Standard door sizes in South Africa can vary depending on these elements, so it is important to do your research before making a purchase.
Understanding the key elements about the door sizes is crucial to ensure a well-informed decision and a flawlessly fitting outcome. Now, let’s look into the standard widths, heights, and frame sizes for internal and external doors in South Africa. 


In South Africa, internal and external width of doors range from 760 mm to 1200 mm. But the standard door width in South Africa is 813 mm.


Standard height, on the other hand, ranges from 2000 mm to 2100 mm, but the most common height is 2032 mm. 

So, the most common door sizes in South Africa is 762 mm x 2032 mm.

Frame Size

Frame sizes should also be considered when looking for the standard door size in South Africa. The standard frame sizes range from 825 to 1200 mm in width, and 2030 to 2400 mm in height. 
To get a more accurate fitting, measuring the doorway before purchasing can help with installation process. You will also save money by avoiding additional costs and delays caused by wrong measurements.


Which Standard Door Size Is Right For You?

Finding the perfect doors for your home is no small feat. Size plays a crucial role in achieving that picture-perfect harmony and aesthetic bliss. In South Africa, door sizes come in all shapes and dimensions, tailored to the type of door and where it's meant to be. To save you from a door-sized dilemma, here's a handy guide to the standard sizes for different types of doors in South Africa. Arm yourself with this knowledge, and you'll be equipped to make an informed decision, ensuring the ideal fit for your unique needs.

Aluminum sliding doors from Elitech offer a delightful way to create a spacious and light-filled atmosphere in your space. Their standard sizes’ widths ranging from 900mm to 1400mm, height ranging from 2000mm to 2100mm. However, if you have specific requirements, Elitech Building Solutions can craft custom sizes just for you.

When it comes to aluminum folding doors, Elitech knows how to seamlessly connect your indoor and outdoor living areas. Their standard sizes span from 1000mm to 2000mm in width and can reach up to 2400mm in height. The overall width of the door depends on the number and size of panels, allowing for personalized customization.

When selecting a door size from Elitech Building Solutions, consider both its purpose and location. This ensures not only functionality but also a seamless integration into the overall aesthetic of your home. To see more options visit Elitech Building Solutions!


Standard Door Prices In South Africa

Elitech aims to provide the best quality products that will gain the satisfaction of its customers with its expertise in the sector and its identity as a manufacturer. While evaluating the standard door prices in South Africa, the company's production power and field assembly capabilities should also be taken into consideration. In the projects realized by Elitech, the excellent organization of the field assembly teams working in sync with the design superiority, the selection of the best quality materials, and the production detail solution advantages come to the fore. With the success of this organization, which is an important factor in determining the standard door prices in South Africa, customer satisfaction is seen at a high level in the projects realized by Elitech. 

So, prices vary in accordance with size, width, frame material, door type and installation process. To get a more detailed price tag, please visit Elitech Building Solutions near you, or contact us via email, we’ll be glad to help you.

Importange Of Knowing Standard Door Sizes In South Africa

When it comes to door sizes in South Africa, there's a harmonious standardization across the country, ensuring consistency and compatibility. It's crucial to have a good understanding of these standard sizes to ensure a seamless fit for your home or business. By being aware of the standard door sizes, you can confidently select a door that perfectly complements your space without any hiccups. 

At Elitech Building Solutions, we recognize the importance of finding the right door size tailored to your specific needs. If you find yourself uncertain about which size to choose, fear not! Our team of experts is here to assist you. Don't hesitate to reach out to us for professional advice and guidance in selecting the ideal standard door size for your unique requirements. Together, we'll ensure a flawless and customized fit for your space, making your door selection process a breeze. 

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