Security Shutters


Security shutters, are specially used for providing the safety of big stores, private offices, public buildings, a separate house, etc. These shutter types are different and bigger than other regular shutter systems. You can find different dimensions, quality, and sizes according to your usage area. It can be made of steel or aluminium. Their security and protection level are appropriate with European and international standards.

Security shutters, are also kind of precautions to protect against intrusion or attack. The safety of a place or people is very important in every condition. If the protected area contains significant amounts of money, valuables, important persons or sensitive information, it should be more protected. At this point, using security shutters are very important for both people and protected areas. They protect you against dangers that may come from outside due to their safety.

Security Shutters

Why Should You Choose Security Shutters?

Security shutters, are resistant to external attack or impact. These shutters with powerful motor systems provide both durability to impacts and thermal insulation. Security shutter properties, show differences according to the working area and sector.

Some of the other features are:

  • They are very efficient and can be specified for both high-risk and low-risk properties.
  • They are durable and visible shutters.
  • Different shutter types can be preferred depending on the usage and technical features of the product.
  • They can be used for a wide range of applications such as big stores, private offices, public buildings, financial institutions.
  • They are highly reliable in terms of preventing external attacks.
  • There are different sizes of security shutters for every request and need.
  • Its presence demoralizes burglars from intended attacks, so the possibility of danger ends before it begins.

Security Shutter Models

Security shutter models, are show differences according to their quality and usage area. Aluminium security shutters are shutters that are working as a vertical type. It is a model that opens and closes due to the rotation of the motor on the upper side of the shutter.

Security shutter for windows, are preferred for protection to house from some serious risks such as human force, armed attack. Using of security shutter will reduce the possibility of that kind of assault.

Security shutter for doors, are protect the entrance of a building against possible attacks from the front. It provides reinforced enclosures to apartments and offices that can be faced with significant risk.

Security Shutter Prices

Security shutter prices, are higher than other regular shutters because they are produced with the latest technology in their resistance to attack and external impact. However, when we consider their features and quality, we can even say they are cheap.

You can get all information through our security shutter prices catalog. Depending on your need, we send the most suitable price offer to you. The setup process of security shutter systems is also extremely simple and carried out in a short time.