Pool Closing


Pool closing, can close your pools quickly and safely without disturbing the aesthetics of your gardens and pool, and without dealing with construction. So you can use your pool for 12 months whenever you want. If you wish, you can apply our pool cover modules as a winter garden. You can also cover your terrace as it is lighter, flexible, and aesthetic than reinforced concrete. Pool closing doors, can be opened to the desired point of the structure. Entries can be made as a hinged classic mechanical door, automatic sliding door, auto close pool gate, or photocell sliding door.

Pool closing systems, provide a peaceful environment in your garden at all seasons. This system offers excellent protection, use superior sealing technology, and attract more attention with their durability and aesthetic details. Our harmonious architectural structures will add extra harmony and beauty to your garden as they integrate with the environment. At the same time, you will increase the life of your pool.

Pool Closing

Why Should You Use Pool Closing?

Pool closing color, can be chosen as transparent or opaque, blue, bronze, green can be chosen to prevent the pool area's appearance. It is 200 times more resistant to breaking in the impact of a soccer ball than glass. Even if it breaks, it does not shatter as much as glass. Therefore, it is safe for human health.

Some of the other features are:

  • It provides partial heat and sound insulation with its chambered structure.
  • The coating material is polycarbonate, 14 times lighter than glass.
  • Thanks to the quality materials used, it is not possible to rust over time.
  • It has an aesthetic appearance as well as durable and long-lasting.
  • The system is durable as well as light.
  • If there is a masonry / steel construction around the pool, it can be applied to this structure instead of a roof.
  • Production can be made in the desired size and shape.

Pool Closing Models

Pool closing models, offer the most suitable solutions for your needs with a wide range of options and personalized production possibilities. Thanks to the pool closing system, which enables the use of open areas comfortably and safely in all seasons of the year, it provides durability and protection to your spaces.

Thanks to their transparent structure, these doors make places brighter and more energetic. Pool closing system is functional, durable, not affected by external conditions and economic system. You can put your jacuzzi or fitness equipment in your covered pool or spa area and enjoy unlimited pleasure.

Pool Closing Prices

Pool Closing prices, show differences in terms of design and the area's size to be applied. Since this system is not reinforced concrete and does not require construction work, it is convenient and cheap.

If you want to make a difference in your decoration, you can activate your garden and pool by choosing your budget's most appropriate model. Our company produces suitable pool closing system options for your needs and take care of offering economical prices.