How to create a warm and cosy home in winter

How to create a warm and cosy home in winter

25 January 2023

Winter comes with cold and dark. But just because the weather outside is horrible doesn't mean that your home has to be. You can create a warmer and cosier home with a few simple touches. And in this article, we will share some tips and tricks on adding a touch of warmth to your home décor; so, you enjoy the season in comfort. So, take a cup of hot cocoa and let's get started!

1. Add Blankets, Throws and Pillows

The key to bringing warmth and cosiness to any room in your home during winter is putting blankets, throws, and pillows. They are the best for snuggling up on the couch, layering on a bed, or even as a decorative accent.

Blankets come in various materials, such as wool, cotton, and fleece, and are suitable for use year-round. Throws are smaller and often used as a decorative object on a couch or chair. You can place them on your couch to add warmth on a chilly evening. Also, if you're someone who often has other people over, adding blankets and throws to your home can make your guests more comfortable and relaxed.

2. Use Heavy Fabrics

Nothing is warmer than heavy fabrics; they can add warmth and luxury to your home. Heavy fabrics like velvet, wool, and suede are perfect for creating a cosy atmosphere in the colder months. They are also perfect to use for giving a room texture and depth. Using heavy materials in your home decor can also help to absorb sound and create a more intimate environment.

Furthermore, thick materials can be an excellent method to provide warmth to your home without turning up the heat, making it a more energy-efficient option.

3. Go for Jewel Tones and Rich Colours

The colours you prefer are significant as they define the house's atmosphere. Therefore, incorporating jewel tones and rich colours into your home design will give any room a sense of wealth and elegance. Colours like sapphire blue, green, and red can offer a splash of colour and create a statement in any space. These colours are also ageless and may bring depth and richness to a room. Deep purples, warm oranges, and rich browns can provide warmth and create a cosy ambience in a room. You may create an appealing space in your house using jewel tones and rich hues.

4. Warm Up the Lighting

Natural light is vital for decoration, yet in winter, when the sky is grey and dim, you'll have to use artificial lighting. However, you should do it carefully since you want your home to look warm rather than making it look dull by using the wrong kind of lighting.

Using lamps with shades or coverings that diffuse the light and give off an attractive glow is one method to warm up the lighting in your house. Candles and fires can also contribute to a warm and comfortable atmosphere. Dimmer switches can also give you more control over the ambience of a room by allowing you to regulate the brightness of the lights, which is very useful in creating a warm and restful feeling in the evenings.

5. Decorate Your House with Candles

Candles are among the most popular decorations. They are attractive and familiar, making them perfect for every setting, formal or casual. They can be used for both practical and decorative purposes, providing light and fragrance. Therefore, decorating your house with candles during the winter would be an ideal way to give your home a cordial ambience.

Candles' soft, flickering light produces a comfortable and relaxing mood, making them ideal for use in the evening or in areas where you need a calming atmosphere. You can also use them to create the tone for a dinner party or relax on a quiet night. Candles are available in several shapes, sizes, and scents, allowing you to find the perfect one for your house.

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