How Double-Glazed Windows Can Protect Your House from Intruders?

How Double-Glazed Windows Can Protect Your House from Intruders?

03 August 2022

People want to feel safe when they are at home. It is comforting to know that both himself and his family are safe. One of the things you can do to ensure security in your home is to be careful in choosing windows. Because there is nothing you would want uninvited guests to enter your home. And double-glazed windows will help you at this point. 

Aluminum windows have a great performance in terms of safety, besides their advantages such as thermal insulation, sound insulation, maintenance, and savings in other costs. As the Elitetec family, we offer our customers safety as well as quality, thanks to the materials of maximum quality we use in our windows. Now let us give you more detailed information about these double-glazed aluminum windows. Double-glazed windows do not have a single glass. There are 2 glass partitions positioned almost adjacent to each other. Having more partitions increases the strength of the windows and reduces heat loss even more.

It also makes it a much more robust window. In this way, your home becomes a place where you can live safely. There is a gap between the glasses inside your window. And the lock system remains in this space. For this reason, double-glazed windows are increasing in popularity today. Each of the people who are looking for a new home right now pays attention to this detail. Because it is very important for people that it is a much more decorative, much more economical, and much safer product.

But of course, safety is the foremost among these advantages. The easiest way to explain the durability of a double-glazed window is as follows; It is much more difficult to break 2 glasses than to break one glass. This makes your home more secure. So basically, these windows make you much more peaceful. If a thief tries to break into your house, they must break two windows in a row. In addition, even one of the glasses we use is quite durable and robust, while breaking two glasses is almost impossible for thieves. In addition, aluminum windows have many different models. Let us talk about it a little bit.

how-double-glazed-windows-can-protect-your-house-from-intruders-1-1680795374Models of Aluminum Windows

In addition to their high security, aluminum windows are also very stylish. We, as Elitetec family, have been producing doors and windows from many materials for years. Aluminum windows are one of them. We have 3 aluminum window models. The first of these is the top hung aluminum window model. These are the windows you usually see in buildings such as schools and hospitals. 

And the fact that they open vertically is the biggest difference of these windows. There are also classical horizontally opening windows: These are called side hung windows. There are also aluminum sliding windows, which are the most preferred window model today. If you visit our website, you can access detailed information about each of these windows. And photos of these products are available on our

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