Glass Folding Doors


Glass folding doors, which are the most elegant way to connect your living spaces to balconies, terraces, or winter gardens, create large areas and bring nature to your doorstep. With their practical use, these doors increase your comfort by refreshing your interior spaces and provide the perfect sound and heat insulation. Glass folding doors also have a real aesthetic advantage in terms of appearances. In addition to being transparent, glass doors are also made of frosted glass according to your needs and preferences.

Glass folding doors, are preferred in areas opening to large places such as terraces and gardens. Wing widths can be made up to 90 cm. Glasses and wings can be collected on one side or both sides or in the middle within the system at the same time; this provides ease of use in the area where the system is installed. The pulling apparatuses in the unique cover system in the glasses connect the glasses to each other and allow them to move together. They add value to your reinforced concrete structures and create an aesthetic appearance.

Glass Folding Doors

Glass Folding Doors Models

There is a wide range of glass folding door models, such as patio doors, stained doors, aluminium doors, accordion doors, etc. Thanks to their transparent structure, these doors make places brighter more energetic. In addition to being transparent, according to your needs and preferences, they can be made of frosted glass. Glass folding door designs, consist of aluminum and steel. This composition corresponds to the highest quality standards. They are functional, durable, not affected by external conditions and economic doors.

The door panel is made of stainless aluminum and is equipped with a single acrylic panel that allows a lot of daylight into the building. The glasses are tampered with and have high resistance to impact. All models have high heat and sound insulation rate. Any logo or text can be written on your glass doors. Many agencies and corporate companies prefer glass folding doors.

Why Should You Choose Glass Folding Doors?

Glass folding doors, give the building a modern and aesthetic appearance. It is a fully openable system whenever desired. It can be used both for outdoor places and indoor places.
Some of the other advantages of Glass Folding Doors are:

  • A different approach to removing the lines between indoors and out
  • Provides brighter places thanks to its transparent appearance.
  • Creates a modern and aesthetic appearances.
  • Made of high quality and have high resistance to impact.
  • Very range model types and designs according to every demand
  • Preferred due to their unique structure resistance to every weather condition.
  • Easy to clean and repair.

Glass Folding Doors Prices

Glass folding door prices varies depending on the size of the door. Our buildings' glasses are preferred by many of our customers with their aesthetic appearance and price. Glass used in areas such as windows, balconies, and panes are also used indoors. Our company produces suitable glass folding door options for your needs and take care of offering economical prices.