Deceuninck uPVC Fusion Systems

Fusion uPVC window and doors have the ability to assemble the system to the structure from the edges with TPE sealings. Therefore, this provides a perfect tighness.

The Fusion uPVC door and window system designed with a special tilt facilitates water drainage and stands out as a series that combines quality and economy, therefore suitable for all budgets.

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Deceuninck uPVC Fusion Systems

The Fusion uPVC door and window system is one of the most preferred systems Elitech offers. Designed with a special tilt that facilitates water drainage, the system stands out as a series that combines quality and economy, therefore suitable for all budgets.

What Are the Advantages of Deceuninck uPVC Fusion Windows and Door Systems?

Fusion windows and door systems boast various advantages that make them an ideal solution for any house:

• Fits any setting and theme: Fusion windows and door systems are designed to fit any setting and theme. Their minimalistic design makes them perfect for contemporary themes, while their elegant look goes great with more traditional settings.
• Superior functionality: Our Fusion systems are designed with an emphasis on functionality. These systems' enhanced functionality makes them a perfect option for any structure.
• Budget-friendly: With Fusion systems, you can obtain comfort in your home without breaking the bank.
• Suitable for any climate: The superior insulation properties of Fusion systems make them suitable to use in any climate.

Features of Deceuninck uPVC Fusion Windows and Door Systems

Deceuninck uPVC Fusion systems are known for their improved features, providing convenient and functional use.
Here is a list of the most prominent features Fusion systems offer:

• Quality Material: Deceuninck uPVC Fusion systems are made of quality material that improves resistance and durability.
• Improved Security: Thanks to solid frames, advanced features, and superior design, Fusion systems equip your home with better security.
• Better Water Drainage: The special tilt of Fusion systems facilitates water drainage and improves the system's functionality.
• Superior Insulation: With Fusion systems' superior insulation properties, you will add an energy-efficient touch to your home. Also, the TPE sealings provide perfect tightness, improving the product's insulation properties.
• Creative Design: Fusion systems come with a creative design that fits any theme and style. You can use Fusion systems in any building, from minimalist spaces to contemporary structures.
• Low Maintenance: Deceuninck Fusion systems are designed to be easy to maintain. They require almost no maintenance, and an occasional cleaning is enough to keep them in good condition.

Detailed Customisation

At Elitech, we want to deliver our customers the best products. That is why we offer them a complete customisation opportunity. Thus, they can configure their products to fit their homes' theme, design and style.

• You Decide the Size

Size is critical when purchasing the ideal uPVC windows and door systems. You should carefully measure your rooms and openings where frames will fit.

• A Wealth of Colours

You can create a cohesive and visually appealing look by choosing colours that harmonise with your home's exterior. While the most preferred colours of Fusion uPVC windows and door systems are black and grey, you can customise the product with other colours we offer.

• Additional Features

Can't you find the ideal system for your home? We are here to provide you with it. With our customisation options, you can equip your uPVC doors and windows with any features.

Maintenance and Installation


We offer installation services for our customers. Once you purchase your Deceuninck uPVC Fusion system, our professional team will deliver it to your address to install. We will follow every step to ensure that the system works faultlessly.


Fusion systems do not require frequent maintenance. Thanks to their improved design and quality material, these systems offer prolonged use with almost no maintenance. Nevertheless, you can contact us for the best maintenance services if your Fusion system needs it.

Cleaning Details

Although Deceuninck uPVC Fusion systems do not require regular maintenance, you should consider occasional cleaning to keep them in good condition.
Here are some of the details you should know about cleaning Fusion systems:

• Avoid using harsh chemicals as they may damage the product.
• Do not use coarse material to clean your Fusion systems; use a smooth cloth or a sponge instead.
• Clean your windows and doors at least three to four times a year; you can clean them as much as once a month.
• Avoid overcleaning as it might wear windows or doors down.

Contact Us for More Info

At Elitech, we always aim to provide our clients with the best. From aluminium doors to automated systems, we always offer affordable and functional products to adorn your home. You can contact us to learn more about our Deceuninck uPVC Fusion systems and get a free quote.

Technical Properties
  • Profile Width 70-60mm
  • Number of Chambers5/4
  • Number of Gasket2 (Middle Seal)
  • GasketTPE Gray / Black
  • CheetahSingle Nail - PCE Gasket
  • Glass Thicknesses4,20,24,30,36 mm
  • StandardTS EN 12608-1 Class B
  • Heat Conductivity CoefficientUf: Uf: 1.4 W/m2K
Fusion uPVC Systems
Deceuninck uPVC Fusion Systems Fusion uPVC window and doors have the ability to assemble the system to...