Everything You Should Know About Orangeries

Everything You Should Know About Orangeries

26 January 2023

If you want to add a stylish extension to your house, you might think of a conservatory; however, there's another alternative you can try: orangeries. Although they're less known than conservatories, their convenience and aesthetic appeal make them a great addition to your house. Can't you decide between the two? Maybe this guides we put up for you will help you choose! Keep reading if you want to know everything about orangeries.

What Is an Orangery?

An orangery is a type of greenhouse or conservatory. Orangeries used to serve typically to cultivate and protect citrus trees and other exotic plants, yet today, people use them for a large variety of purposes. It is a brick structure with large, glazed upvc windows and a flat roof. They can be attached to your house or separate buildings.

Orangeries originally became popular in the 17th and 18th centuries. The European nobility and wealthy landowners preferred such extensions to their houses for either using them as hobby gardens or resting areas. Orangeries were large and had a grand architectural design, often featuring columns and a dome.

How Is It Different from A Conservatory?

Even though they're more popular than orangeries, conservatories are more recent structures. Conservatories are typically an extension attached to a house or building as a sunroom or greenhouse. Conservatories are often made primarily of glass or clear plastic to allow for maximum natural light, which is the main difference between the two. Orangeries are usually brick structures with large aluminum windows and let in less sunlight than conservatories.

What Is the Best: An Orangery or A Conservatory?

Even though the answer to this question might depend on your personal taste, we can list a few reasons one should prefer an orangery or a conservatory.

Why An Orangery?

1.    They Are Energy Efficient: The primary material of an orangery is brick, which can trap heat inside the house during the winter and keep the space cool during the summer.

2.    They Increase Property Value: An orangery is typically more expensive than a conservatory. Therefore, an orangery adds value to a property, making it more attractive to potential buyers.

3.    They Are Functional: You can use an orangery for many purposes. They serve as a living space, a dining room, a playroom, an office, or a gym.

4.    They Are Aesthetic: The unique brick style gives your house character and adds an elegant touch.

Why A Conservatory?

1.    They Let in More Natural Light: Conservatories are typically made of glass, allowing maximum natural light to enter the space and help brighten the house.

2.    They Provide a Better View: Conservatories provide a better view of your garden.

3.    They Are Inexpensive: Compared to orangeries, conservatories are a cheaper alternative. Which means you can build yourself a conservatory without paying a fortune.

Possible Uses of Your Orangery

If you want to incorporate an orangery into your home but don't know where to use it, we're here to help you. Here are some of the most creative uses of orangery.

Extend Your Kitchen

If you want a more pleasant and brighter kitchen, you can always use an orangery as an extension. The large size and natural light provided by an orangery make it an ideal space for a kitchen. The additional light can create a bright and airy atmosphere, perfect for cooking and entertaining.

A Gathering Area

The aesthetic of an orangery makes it perfect for a gathering area. The glass construction of an orangery provides a beautiful view of the surrounding area, making it a pleasant place to spend time, host house parties and socialise with your guests. Plus, you can equip your orangery with comfortable seating, a fireplace or a fireplace-lookalike, and a bar area. 

An Elegant Guestroom

Do you often have people over? Then it's time to build a guestroom to provide a more comfortable stay. Plus, you can install aluminum bi-folding or aluminum sliding doors to connect the orangery to the garden, which can be perfect for providing guests with a private outdoor area.

Personal Gym

Another great way to use an orangery is to turn it into a personal gym. An orangery can provide the perfect workout space with pleasant lighting and a spacious area.

A Home Office

Turning your orangery into a home office is ideal for those looking to add a spacious and light-filled work area to their home. It can provide a beautiful and functional space you can enjoy all year round. The natural light and views can improve the mood and focus while working.

Elitech for the Best

If you're looking for high-quality building solutions to enhance your home, look no further than Elitech! Are you planning to add an orangery to your home? Consider installing bi-folding or sliding doors from Elitech. Our doors provide a seamless indoor-outdoor living space, perfect for enjoying natural light and views provided by your orangery.

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