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Doors and windows, are the most important showcases that determine the quality and design of a building. The vanity and quality of these materials are the main reasons for many peoples’ choice, and they are the essential building materials that everyone cares about. Doors and windows, are frequently preferred according to the quality of the material used, safety and thermal insulation. In addition to these, appearance and elegance are other important factors for determining the popularity of doors and windows.

Doors and windows, have become the materials we use and frequently encounter in our daily lives since we started settled life in history. Throughout the years, lifestyles have changed, but the use of doors and windows has increasingly continued. In old times, these materials were preferred to live safely and to benefit from heat or light for a long time. However, over the years, the door and window systems have changed, and many innovations have been added. Today, many door and window models provide functionality above the standards and make our lives easier.

Doors Windows
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Doors are, an openable tool with a sliding or electronic component used when entering and leaving a place. Doors may include locking mechanisms so that only authorized people can open them.

Door Models

Door models can show differences according to the intended use and sector. There are different models and different sizes to respond to every demand. Door designs can be determined for every dimension and need.

The most preferred door models are:

Aluminium doors, are known as strong, durable and aesthetic doors. It is the most optimal material for many sectors when its price, durability, and lightness properties are evaluated together.
Sliding doors, are a type of door that generally slides parallel to a wall and opens horizontally.
Shower doors, are also known as a type of sliding door. They are most popular with corner type shower and take up the least amount of space
Pivot doors, are new door systems that provide comfort to people with its brilliant appearance. It is bigger and more extensive than other regular doors.
Folding Doorsare a door type that is frequently preferred for small spaces. They do not take up space, as they open into a wall-mounted chamber.
Double doors, are a door system consisting of two wings that can be opened to large areas.
Hinged doors, are a type of door known for its high sealing property. They are frequently used in hospitals, labs, bathrooms, theatre halls, etc.
French Doors, offer a modern and classic appearance together. They create a stylish ambiance while providing a broader place.
uPVC Doors, are made by covering a steel frame insulated with non-plasticized polyvinyl chloride to create a sealed unit that is strong and thermally efficient

Door Prices

Door prices, show differences depending on the chosen model, dimension and the area to be installed. For this reason, it is not possible to give a standard price.


Windows are a kind of frame, and glazed structures are mounted on the walls to light or ventilate the space. Windows, are the elements that bring us air and sunlight, which are the most basic need for a healthy and livable home. Each compartment that can be opened inside or outside is called a wing.

Window Models

There are many window models according to their design and type. Window designs, are important in terms of architecture in many cultures. Windows vary in many respects, starting from the opening and closing system to material properties.

Most preferred window models are:

Aluminium windows, stand out with their light and durable frames. Aluminum frames can be produced in special dimensions.

French windows:, are models that both wings can be opened. They are bigger and broader than other windows.

Sliding windows:, are designed with a system that can be opened and closed as sliding to the sides.

uPVC windows:, are the most preferred window models in recent years. Insulation properties are very strong.

Fixed windows:, are windows that do not open and can also be defined as a glass wall.

Window Prices

Window prices, show differences depending on the chosen model, dimension and the area to be installed. Due to these reasons, it is not possible to give a standard price.