Bi Fold Doors

Bifold doors are, a door type that is frequently preferred for small spaces. Designed with materials such as aluminum, wood or plastic, these doors open and close like curtains. It does not open to the inside or outside like conventional door types. They do not take up space, as they open into a wall-mounted chamber.

There are different types of these doors. In addition to its stylish appearance, bifold door provides ease of use. They add a different atmosphere to the house. These doors are not only used for narrow spaces, but also to create new parts inside rooms and offices. It looks like other room doors in the closed position, but when you open it, it shows its differences.

Bi Fold Doors
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Bifold Door Designs

You can get useful and efficient living spaces by using bifold doors from places such as room doors, cellar or wardrobe doors, office doors, changing cabinets and hall partitions. In recent years, it is possible to see such door models as bathroom doors. Fan-shaped folding door models are generally designed with aluminium and plastic-based materials. The most preferred models are glass and aluminium bifold doors.

The use of these doors in all colors is also very practical. They are folded into a wall-mounted section. Bifold door models, which are easy to install as well as use, can be used in any environment, and they bring elegance to your usage place. They are lighter and thinner than standard doors.

Bifold Door Prices

Bifold doors are the cheapest and most useful door types as they are thin and cannot be suitable in all areas. If you want to make a difference in your decoration, you can activate your home by choosing the most appropriate model for your budget among these doors' stylish designs. Bifold door prices show differences in terms of design and material, but generally, their costs are close to each other. You can find the exact price by checking our “bifold door prices list” pdf catalog.

What are the Differences of Bifold Doors?

Bifold doors are used for a particular place. For this reason, they are not used as a standard door. This door is preferred for small areas, or used to divide large areas in half. Since it is mounted on the wall, it opens and closes in its own slot, so it does not take up space like inside or outside opening doors.

Some of the other differences are:

  • Cheaper and useful than other doors
  • Easy to mount
  • It is light and durable
  • They are not affected by water and moisture.
  • The fan-shaped folding system adds an aesthetic appearance to your home