Beyond Functionality Embrace Beauty With Your Exterior Door Collection

Beyond Functionality Embrace Beauty With Your Exterior Door Collection

04 July 2023

Exterior doors serve as the gateway between your home and the outside world, playing a crucial role in both security and aesthetics. They must be strong, weather-resistant, and provide insulation. At Elitech Building Solutions, we take these key elements into consideration and combine aesthetics with practicality, aiming to create the best exterior door for you.


What To Consider When Choosing The Perfect Exterior Door

There are many factors to consider for your perfect exterior door. Like we have mentioned, a secure entrance is crucial, and your perfect exterior door should be able to meet this while making a good first impression. Functionality/practicality, and aesthetics are important elements when choosing your perfect exterior door. At Elitech, we aim to meet your needs and requests while fulfilling these elements. 


An exterior door provides an open and exit point through two different places of course. In this case, through your building and the outside world. Your exterior door should be easy to maintain, to open and close, thus providing a seamless usage. 


It is important that your door provides security and insulation. While providing these, your door should also be eco-friendly, thus helping you save money and the environment. Our aluminium doors are perfect fit for those looking for something exactly like this. Protecting you from intruders while providing sound and heat insulation. 


Of course, your exterior door should also complement your building. Your exterior door should harmonize with the building's aesthetics while creating visual impact. A well-chosen door will not only meet these expectations, but also enhance security and insulation of your building. 


Different Types Of Exterior Doors

There are various types of exterior doors you can choose from. Material, location, and style, they all play a crucial role when choosing exterior doors. They all offer different possibilities. Let’s check them out:


Each different material offers unique characteristics. Wooden doors, for example, are a classic and have a timeless appeal. They are naturally beautiful and add warmth to your building. They can be made from many different types of wood. They provide good insulation and security, thus making them a popular choice.

However, when compared to wooden doors, aluminium doors are more durable, provide better insulation and are eco-friendly. They are resistant to rust, corrosion, and warping, making them suitable for various climates and weather conditions. They are also lightweight, which makes them easier to install and use. When regularly cleaned, maintenance is rarely required. 

There are various types of aluminium doors that will complement your building, aluminium exterior door being one of the most popular ones. Visit our website to learn more about aluminium doors and how to care for them for a longer usage period with minimal maintenance. 


How does location matter, they’re all exterior doors? You may be saying this, but location is a key element when choosing you exterior door. For example, front doors are the main entrance to your building, and they create a visual first impression. Whereas kitchen doors need more practicality as they provide ventilation and natural light.

Patio doors provide a view of your surrounding space, while still providing insulation, so it is crucial that you choose the perfect door for that. If you also want to save space, sliding doors are a great option, and you can visit our website for more options.

Garage doors are important, too as they also should provide a secure and easy access. Our aluminium garage doors are elegant, high-strength yet lightweight. They are easy to operate and are long-lasting.


Exterior door style is crucial for enhancing curb appeal and reflecting the character of the property. 
Pivot doors offer a striking and grand entrance statement, rotating on a central axis.
Double doors exude elegance and versatility, ideal for larger entrances. 
Folding doors offer a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces, folding and stacking to the side. 

Sliding doors are sleek and space-saving, operating horizontally on a track. 
French doors add classic charm with hinged panels and glass, connecting indoor and outdoor areas. 
There are many more styles you can choose from on our website. Choose a style that suits your buildings architecture and your taste. 


Exterior Door Sizes

We, at Elitech, recognize that standard sizes alone may not meet your specific requirements. That's why we offer customized exterior doors tailored to your precise specifications.
Our team of experts will collaborate with you to assess the opening dimensions, structural considerations, and accessibility needs of your project. With our guidance, you can choose the ideal size that ensures a functional and visually appealing entrance.

Exterior Door Prices

The cost of exterior doors is influenced by factors such as the material used, size, style and design, budget. Materials like wood and metals tend to be more expensive, while composite materials or uPVC and aluminium offer more budget-friendly options. Larger doors may require more materials and labour, increasing the cost. Intricate designs, custom features, and extra security or energy-efficient options can also impact prices. It's important to find a balance between budget and quality to ensure long-term satisfaction and value. To get more information, contact us via email or visit us at Elitech Building Solutions. We are happy to help you in your journey to find the perfect exterior door.

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