Best Tips to Improve Kerb Appeal

Best Tips to Improve Kerb Appeal

26 January 2023

Are you planning to sell your house? Get bored of the old look? Or want some changes? Maybe it's time to work on your house's exterior. Interior design is the most common type of home design, yet what makes the real difference is how your house looks from the outside. Since you live in the house -physically- you'll probably often clean and tidy the interiors, yet we cannot say the same for the outside. Most people ignore even the basic steps like cleaning or painting the exterior walls.

However, improving your home's exterior will not only enhance your house's aesthetic but also raise your house's value and make it more appealing to new buyers. If you want to know how to help rebuild the exterior of your home, keep reading this list we put together for you!

1. Replace the Roof Tiles

Since a roof is one of the most crucial parts of a house that keeps things out and contributes to the structural integrity of the building, you should make sure you maintain it well. If your roof tiles are cracked, worn, or missing, water can infiltrate the roof and cause damage to your home's interior. Therefore replacing your roof tiles is necessary to protect your home and improve its overall appearance.

2. Replace Windows and Doors

Check your current windows and doors to see whether they're in good condition. If you like your doors and windows, that's fine, yet most of the time, it's better to change the old components of your house. 

Air can seep in and out of your home through old, draughty windows and doors, increasing energy expenses and making it harder to keep a pleasant temperature inside. You can prevent this by replacing your windows and aluminum doors, improving your home's energy efficiency, kerb appeal, and overall value; this will affect your energy bills too.

3. Green Your Garden Up

What is more impressive than a garden with lush greenery? Flowers and plants grow in a stunning pattern, and everything looks heart-warming; this is how your garden should look. 

A well-maintained garden can provide a relaxing and inviting atmosphere for you and your family to enjoy. It can also increase your house's kerb appeal and boost its overall value.

There are many ways to get a greener garden; for example, you can plant new flowers, shrubs, and trees. Adding new plants to your garden can provide colour with all year round. Plus, you can add a pathway to make it more functional by defining separate regions.

Another option is adding lighting, which might highlight the focal point and create an atmosphere in the evening.

4. Don't Let Them See the Bins

Yes, don't forget to hide the bins. They might be necessary objects, but nobody wants to see your rubbish. Visible bins literally destroy the appeal of a well-maintained garden. Nevertheless, there are many ways to fix this. You can install a bin cabinet or build a bin screen. An aesthetic way to hide the bins is building a shed, which offers different designs that match your garden. 

If you have a back or side alley, you can put your bins there and solve the problem effortlessly. If you don't have one and cannot do the others, you can easily hide your bins with plants, fences or other landscaping elements.

5. Go A Bit Minimalist

Minimalist design isn't for everyone, yet you should never let clutter invade your garden as it can detract from your home's aesthetic, making it look messy and uninviting. You can create a more polished and tidier look that can help to increase your home's value by clearing up unnecessary stuff.

You can start by removing any items cluttering the exterior of your home; these include garden tools, bicycles, toys and outdoor furniture. If there are overgrowing gutters, you might also like to get rid of them.

At Elitech Group, we provide our customers with the best windows and doors on the market. Whether you're looking to increase your energy efficiency, enhance your kerb appeal, or simply improve your home's overall look and feel, we have the perfect aluminum windows and doors.

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