Are Leaky Windows Draining Your Wallet?

Are Leaky Windows Draining Your Wallet?

04 July 2023

When bills are already draining your wallet, problems with your windows might up the amount and cause more damage than help save money. 
Leaky windows may be causing you an additional up to 30% on your energy costs! Not only that, but it’ll also make your HVAC system work much harder, making it more likely to break, which will cost even you more. At Elitech Building Solutions, we will inform you about leaky windows, so what you might think is helping you save money, doesn’t end up costing you even more.

Leakage Causes And Effects

So why does leakage happen? As it is a part of saving your money greatly, learning about leaky windows, its causes, effects and solutions can definitely help you budget. If you’re interested in learning more about especially saving more home energy in winter, you can visit our blog. 

There are a number of reasons for leaky windows. Aging and wear, especially if the material used is not durable, is one of the main reasons. You can prevent this by choosing materials of good quality so it’ll last you longer and save you money in the long run. Window type can alter the aging and wear, if not done properly, aluminium tilt & turn windows can age quicker, so be careful to contact us and us only about your installation and problems of our windows.

Poor installation is another cause. We, at Elitech, are especially careful about installation process and product quality, so you don’t run into problems like this. Poor installation can result in gaps, thus allowing conditioned air from inside the home to escape outside.

Poor window quality is another important factor in leakages. Low quality windows or windows that are not suitable for your local climate are more prone to leaks. Low quality materials, insufficient weatherstripping, or inadequate construction can all contribute to leaky windows.

Lack of/wrong maintenance is another cause, and it is the easiest to prevent. By cleaning your windows properly and regularly and getting them inspected will ensure the length of the usage is longer. Look out for dirt, debris and any damages that may cause leaks.


How To Understand If Windows Are Leaking

To fix a leaky window, first step is to make sure whether your window is leaking in the first place. If you have frameless glass solutions, realizing leakage may be harder, so let’s check how to do it.
First and the easiest way to understand is inspecting your window. Start by visually examining your windows, both from the interior and exterior of your home. Look for any visible gaps or cracks around the window frames, sashes, or especially where the windows meet the wall. Check for peeling or deteriorated caulking or weatherstripping. If you can see daylight passing through the edges of the windows, it's a clear indication of a leak. You can also spray water, too, as this will make a clearer indication.

On windy days, you will be able to feel the wind entering through the gaps. Carefully trace your fingers on the area you suspect. If you can sense air movement or feel a significant temperature difference near the windows, it indicates a leak.

A great way to understand if your window is leaking is the candle test. Close all doors and windows in the room with the suspected leaky window. Light a candle or a stick of incense and hold it near the edges of the window frame. Observe the flame or smoke movement. If the flame flickers or the smoke wavers, it suggests that air is seeping through gaps or cracks in the window. Be careful though, as any other movement may cause a misinformation. If you have big windows, for example, aluminium sliding windows are rather bigger, this test may take longer.

Energy bills, of course, is another and a rather costly way of checking for any leakages. If there are unexpected spikes in your bills, you may consider checking your windows for any leakages. 
And the most accurate way is to get professional help. If you are unsure about the presence of window leaks or need a thorough evaluation, consider contacting Elitech Building Solutions window inspector by visiting or via email. We have specialized tools and expertise to detect even the smallest leaks and assess the overall condition of your windows.

How To Prevent And Repair Leaky Windows

Choosing durable materials and a trusted brand like Elitech, is a good start at preventing leakages. For example, aluminium windows are incredibly lightweight they are high quality, strong and long-lasting. Aluminium windows are also incredibly strong and require a minimum amount of maintenance.
Depending on how severe the damage is, there are various repair methods you can use for your leaky windows. 

Weatherstripping and caulking is a common and cost-effective solution that is budget friendly depending on the size of the window and the materials used. Weatherstripping involves adding adhesive strips or seals around the movable parts of the window to create a tighter seal. Caulking is the process of sealing gaps and cracks around the window frames with a waterproof filler. 

Window reglazing is another solution. If your window’s panes came loose or the glazing putty has deteriorated, reglazing may be necessary. Reglazing involves removing the old putty and applying new glazing compound to secure the glass in place. 

Window replacement is preferred in cases where windows are severely damaged, outdated, or inefficient. In reality, replacement may be the most effective long-term solution as other solutions are more temporary and may need redoing, thus costing more. 


How Much Will The Repairment Cost?

Of course, like with many building repairments, the cost of repairing leaky windows can vary depending on several factors like the extent of the damage, the type of repair required, the size and number of windows, and the local labor and material costs.

With glazing, the cost depends on the size and number of panes to be reglazed. Window replacement costs varies significantly depending on factors such as window size, materials, energy efficiency ratings, and installation requirements. 

Additionally, if the damage to the windows is extensive or if they are old and inefficient, it may be more cost-effective to consider window replacement as a long-term solution, although replacement costs can vary significantly depending on the window type, size, material, and installation requirements.
Remember that installation process and work load can affect the overall cost as well, and they vary from different sizes to different materials, too. To get more information, please visit Elitech Building Solutions or contact us via email, we are glad to help you on your journey! 

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