An insider’s view on the progress of aluminum glass doors

An insider’s view on the progress of aluminum glass doors

29 April 2022


Generally, customers are interested in the processing process of aluminum glass doors or single doors and may ask you to share. You have a reputation for meeting the expectations of your customers and therefore, if you are confident enough in the operation process of aluminum, you can share this process with your customers.

How does understanding the business process help your projects?

If you manage the process in an orderly manner, you can easily manage your customers' expectations. Thanks to this, you can explain to them that some stages of the project are not suitable for the fulfillment of some requests. Justifying the delivery times and telling your customer will contribute to you. It is very important to explain what is happening in production to meet the expectation of your customer. When you have mastered this process and you are confident enough to share it, you can also meet the delivery time of other companies.

The processing of aluminum glass doors

The first and most important step of this process is designed. In this step, the customer and the architect will design the project together. It is possible that there are steps back and forth until you are sure of what the client is looking for. After the design is planned, it is forwarded to the salesperson. The salesperson is the person who is responsible for changes and approvals that provides communication between the customer and the project. Effective initial communication between the salesperson and the customer is essential for the smooth progress of the project. 

The process of planning and preparing aluminum doors

After design approval, preparation for production begins. A sales assistant is added to the project in order to inform the customer about this process. A project controller is included in the project to check whether the project process is going correctly. Providing control of features such as product, dimensions, and installation provides a positive impact on the project. The project controller is accepted after checking that everything is correct. Then the project is delivered to the production department.

The process of production and delivery of aluminum doors and double doors

The project controller is required to provide a briefing to the manufacturer about the manufacturing. After the factory manager signs the acceptance of the project, the production process can begin. The sales office is updated at every step to ensure that the project remains in the loop. After the production of the product is completed, after checking whether everything is suitable for installation, the production manager and the customer are contacted to decide on the appropriate date, time, and resources for installation.

The process of installation and installation of aluminum glass doors and double doors

During the installation of the double doors and glass doors, the project controller must supervise this stage. This person is also the one who will conduct the final quality control of the project and sign the completion of the installation. If there is a need, the project controller must contact the production and sales staff.

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