Aluminium Louver


Aluminium louvers, extend the structure’s life by protecting it from climatic conditions such as sun rays, rain and snow, and provide significant heat and sound insulation. Aluminium louver systems can be applied as a roller in the classical style; It can also be used automatically thanks to tubular motor systems. A button or remote control can control this type of motorized shutters. The surface of the aluminium louver profiles, with polyurethane, which is imported as ready-to-paint, is resistant to wear, scratching, and fading in the sun.

Aluminium louvers, show durableness to any dash or other external impacts with their quality structure. They add a new appearance to your offices, homes and apartments. Especially in very windy and stormy areas, the shutters are more durable than glass, protecting the windows against breaking. They are also used to prevent malicious attempts from outside.

Aluminium Louver

Why Should You Use Aluminium Louver?

Aluminium louvers can be used for many years without any maintenance. With their high-quality structure, they have sun and water resistance. They show endurance to any impact or other external factors with its quality system. They are also preferred for their designs and uses.

Some of the other features are:

  • It prevents dust and wind from entering the house.
  • It protects from wind and provides shade.
  • Provides the opportunity to use exclusive colors that will harmonize with the building's decoration and enhance the appearance.
  • A high level of sound and heat insulation is provided.
  • It is highly durable to harsh every weather condition.
  • It protects you from flies and insects when closed.
  • Provides an aesthetic appearance
  • Easy to maintain and clean.

Exterior Aluminium Louver Models

Exterior aluminium louver, is one of the most preferred louver types. It helps heat and sound insulation in detached houses and apartments. With the safety hanger, you can prevent your window from being forcibly opened from outside. When closed, the louver guarantees complete darkness. Apart from exterior aluminium louver models, different types of aluminium louver models are available in our company.

Exterior aluminium louvers, are among the outdoor products preferred in terms of security thanks to their resistance to impacts. In addition to protecting against external effects, it can be stated that there are areas of use for insulation purposes. They have various color options. White, black and grey are the most preferred ones. All models have high heat insulation.

Aluminium Louver Prices

Aluminium louver prices show differences according to their models and usage areas. All models have different size and quality, so it is hard to say a standard price.

Aluminium louver prices, which can be designed in the desired dimensions and features, are presented to you with solutions that can meet every budget. For the best price offers and detailed information, all you have to do is contact us! All models are produced with high technology.