Aluminium Doors and Windows Ultimate Guide For Every Architectural Project

Aluminium Doors and Windows Ultimate Guide For Every Architectural Project

07 February 2022

Aluminium doors and windows come first among the subjects that Elitech Group is best. Many of our customers greatly appreciate Elitech Group for providing service beyond their dreams. Indeed, we are justifiably proud. Because we make the latest products in the fastest and highest quality way. There are many reasons why our customers are satisfied with us, but the most important is our high price-quality performance.

At this point, our company offers its customers the highest quality and professionally produced aluminum door - window systems. If you want to benefit from the said door and window systems, you are at the right address. Take action now and order these products to take advantage of the best quality and professional services offered to you. Now, let's examine the advantages of aluminum window and door systems in detail.

aluminium-doors-and-windows-ultimate-guide-for-every-architectural-proje-1-1680699769Aluminium Doors and Windows: Ultimate Guide For Every Architectural Project

Aluminum is a material used in windows and doors that can meet the world's highest insulation standards. Elitech Group uses very high-quality products. But many companies unfortunately use bad quality aluminum. These situations have led to the formation of wrong judgments. One of the wrong judgments is that aluminum joinery makes sweating.

However, this is a wrong judgment. Because the cause of sweating that occurs especially in aluminum windows is not the windows, but the airlessness of the environment in which they are used. In this sense, aluminum door and window systems provide high insulation. What needs to be done is to ventilate the houses 1-2 times a day, not to dry clothes in the house, and not to use objects that cause humidity such as flowers and aquariums.

Also, aluminum profiles are light and durable materials. In addition, this very durable material allows architects to design according to their wishes. In other words, aluminum profiles can be manufactured in very precise dimensions. Again, due to the durability of aluminum window frames, it is possible to use frames with less visible width. Narrower aluminum frames mean wider windows. In today's architecture, on the other hand, in order to benefit more from daylight, the boundaries are forced and narrower frames and wide openings are tried to be created.

Elitech Group Window and Door Systems

Elitech Group's Aluminum door and window systems are also easy-to-maintain systems. Because aluminum has high chemical resistance by nature. In this sense, it is extremely easy to clean and maintain compared to wood. Even aluminum windows can be easily cleaned with rainwater. Again, aluminum windows and doors are environmentally friendly products. The most important reason for this is that they are 100% recyclable. Recycling aluminum provides 95% energy savings.

Aluminum does not cause any gas emissions during a fire. Because aluminum door and window systems comply with fire regulations. In addition to their resistance to heat, aluminum doors and windows do not generate sparks during a fire. However, PVC windows and doors are life-threatening in case of fire. Because they emit toxic gases into the environment. 

In addition, PVC frames cannot carry heavy mechanical loads. Therefore, aluminum is still indispensable for architectural projects. As a result, aluminum joinery is much stronger and more durable than PVC joinery. In case of fire risk, it does not emit toxic gases that will endanger people's life.

If you are considering aluminum doors and windows for your home or business, you are in the right place. Elitech Group thinks and does the best for you. Just tell me what's on your mind! We will make your dreams exactly as they should be. We will offer the best price and you will be more than satisfied with it.aluminium-doors-windows-ultimate-guide-for-every-architectural-project-1-1680699756

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