Aluminium Balustrades


Aluminium balustrades, are a decoration made to provide a nice view and security on balconies and stairs. Aluminium balustrades, can be easily applied on stairs, balconies, building entrances, gardens, poolside and terraces. It is the most common and used balustrade type. Thanks to its wide range of models, affordable prices and easy assembly, it seems that it will stay in the top positions in the preference list for many years to come. They are useful both in freezing weather and high hot weather.

Aluminium balustrades can be used in harmony with other materials such as “aluminium and glass balustrade”. They can also be specially designed according to your requests. Unlike other balustrades applications, aluminium balustrade is disassembled, so the profiles are in a piece shape. Then these profiles are formed by fastening them together with screws.

Aluminium Balustrades

Why Should You Choose Aluminium Balustrades?

Aluminium balustrades can be painted in the desired color. They are used as a priority product in all new buildings today. Moreover, with the wide range of employees and accessory options offered by the companies, it does not spoil the decoration of your spaces but gives a more aesthetic appearance. For all these reasons, institutions and individual users prefer aluminium balustrades on their balconies, indoor stairs, pool sides, etc.

Some of the other features are:

  • Aluminium balustrades, which are produced to durable both weather and heavy use conditions, can stand for years without any problems in outdoor and indoor spaces.
  • When you consider the durability and quality, you will be convinced that they have a very low price.
  • They increase the value of your buildings by providing aesthetics, visually, and long-lasting usage areas such as stairs, balconies, terraces and windows.
  • Since aluminium is a light material, it is effortless to bring and transport it to the place where it will be applied.
  • It offers a modern appearance in its own color without any coating or paint treatment.
  • It does not require any maintenance except for cleaning.
  • It increases the value of your structures with its robust and light weight and will never rust.
  • They ensure safety on stairs, and also give aesthetics to the stairs.

Aluminium Balustrade Models

Aluminium balustrade models, used in interior stairs gives a modern look to the places where they are applied. Due to its modern and unique designs, it is seen as safe and considered an artistic decoration item.

Each model is long-lasting, and you can use them permanently. You can decide the best and suitable aluminium balustrade model by consulting us. It is the cheapest and most stylish balustrade model when we compare it to other products.

Aluminium Balustrade Prices

Aluminium balustrade prices are quite affordable when it is compared to steel balustrade, glass balustrade, and all other alternatives. Apart from that, we can count the ease of assembly, model options, and the presence of many companies operating in this field. Depending on your need, we send the most reasonable price offer to you.