Achieve Peaceful Living With Acoustic Insulation

Achieve Peaceful Living With Acoustic Insulation

04 July 2023

At Elitech, we believe that a harmonious living environment is essential for well-being and quality of life. In today’s busy world, unwanted noise can disturb us at our homes and disrupt the tranquillity we desire. That's where acoustic insulation comes in. We aim to provide you with a peaceful living space, allowing you to escape the chaos and find serenity within your own walls.


Why You Need Acoustic Insulation

Noise pollution is a prevalent issue that affects millions of people daily. Whether it's the relentless street traffic, noisy neighbours, or the constant hum of household appliances, these intrusive sounds can have a significant impact on our mental and physical health. Prevent us from working or focusing. What’s more, studies have shown that prolonged exposure to high levels of noise can lead to stress, sleep disturbances, reduced productivity, and even cardiovascular problems.

As Elitech Building Solutions, we understand the importance of creating a calm living space. That's why we offer a range of cutting-edge acoustic insulation solutions designed to minimize noise transmission and maximize peace. When you combine our acoustic insulation with our balcony closing systems, you can transform your balcony into a sanctuary where unwanted noise is muffled, allowing you to unwind, focus, and enjoy your view.



How To Determine How Much Insulation You Need

Whether you're seeking a quiet bedroom for restful sleep, a peaceful home office for undisturbed work, or a serene living space to relax and recharge, acoustic insulation is the key to achieving the harmonious living environment you deserve. But how do you know how much insulation you need? Your living room, office and bedroom surely differ, and some rooms may have more noise than others. 

First of all, our aluminium doors and aluminium windows combined with our quality glazing will be a lot of help with this. Air tightness is a key element in acoustic insulation. When air escapes, acoustics will be reduced, which is why at Elitech, with your request, we equip your systems with acoustic sealing. With the acoustic seal hidden inside the frames, you can easily enjoy peace of mind. 
Firstly, Sound transmission is measured by the Sound Reduction Index (R), indicating the effectiveness of blocking sound. Our solutions target both direct and flanking sound transmission, providing comprehensive coverage for your building's envelope and internal elements.

Furthermore, we offer a diverse range of insulation options, including rolls, slabs, granulates, and panels. We can guide you in choosing the right acoustic insulation material tailored to your project's specific needs. Contact us via email for more information. 

Our solutions also focus on mitigating sound leakage points, such as poorly sealed doors and windows, uninsulated pipelines, and gaps in brickwork. By sealing these areas effectively, we help you achieve optimal sound insulation. 

Elevate the acoustics of your building with Elitech Building Solutions. Our sound solutions minimize sound transmission, ensuring a tranquil and peaceful environment. Experience the difference of enhanced building acoustics with Elitech Building Solutions.

What Is The Best Soundproof Acoustic Insulation?

There are various soundproof acoustic insulation types that differ in price and insulation level. One of the most popular but less budget friendly options is Mineral Wool Insulation. Mineral wool, also known as rock wool or stone wool, is a popular choice for soundproofing. It has a high R-value, and it is fire resistant. It has excellent sound absorption properties and can effectively reduce airborne noise transmission. It also uses around 90% recycled products.

Contrary to Mineral Wool Insulation, Fiberglass is on the cheaper end. It is made of 30% recycled products. Fiberglass has a good R-value based on the thickness of the insulation. Primarily known for its thermal insulation properties, it also offers decent soundproofing benefits. It can help reduce noise transmission and absorb sound, making it a versatile choice. 


Cotton insulation stands out as a sustainable and biodegradable option for insulation. Crafted from recycled denim and clothing fibres, it offers decent thermal performance with a moderate R-value. Treated with boric acid, it gains improved fire resistance. 

On the other hand, Cellulose insulation is also an eco-friendly option made from recycled paper products. Treated with fire-retardant materials, it offers good fire resistance. With a high R-value, it provides efficient thermal insulation. 

Foam insulation, available in forms like spray foam and rigid boards, provides versatile and efficient insulation solutions. Made from plastics, it offers effective thermal insulation. Open cellular foam excels in noise absorption, while spray foam is known for its versatility and ability to reach challenging spaces. Though not inherently fire-resistant, foam insulation can be treated with fire-retardant materials. 
As you can see, there are many options to choose from, and by consulting with our expert specialists, you can determine the best options for your building.

Acoustic Insulation Prices

Acoustic insulation prices are influenced by factors such as material selection, coverage area, installation complexity, and desired soundproofing level. Average costs can range widely, depending on the specific project and its requirements. Understanding these factors is crucial for making informed decisions and achieving the desired acoustic environment. For more information, contact us via mail or visit us at Elitech Building Solutions, we’ll be glad to help you with making your building quieter. 

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