8 Bathroom Door Types You Need to Know

8 Bathroom Door Types You Need to Know

26 January 2023

8 Bathroom Door Types You Need to Know

When renovating or designing a new bathroom, one of the most important decisions you'll have to make is choosing the right bathroom doors. Since there are many different types, you should be careful when deciding. Although what kind of bathroom door you need depends on your house's design and taste, there are also some criteria you should consider. But don't worry; everything you need to choose the right door is in this post! We're going to list eight different door types and essential criteria you should know to choose the best door for you.

Sliding Doors

Sliding bathroom doors are a type of door that -as the name implies- slides rather than swinging open. They are a popular choice for bathrooms as they save space and can be more efficient. Sliding bathroom doors are also commonly used as shower doors.

Folding Bathroom Doors

Folding bathroom doors, also known as bi-folding doors, fold in sections along a hinge to close. They are among the best choices for small spaces, such as bathrooms, where swinging doors can take up too much room.

Barn door for bathroom

Inspired by the design of traditional barn doors, a barn door for a bathroom is a type of sliding door. Barn doors are popular for bathrooms as they can save space, add a decorative touch, and provide privacy.

Concertina doors for the bathroom:

Concertina doors, also known as accordion doors, are a type of folding door that opens by concertina action, where the door panels collapse and fold into each other when opened. 

Louvred bathroom door

A louvred bathroom door is a type of door that features a series of horizontal slats called louvres, which allow air to flow through while providing privacy.

 Bathroom entry doors

Bathroom entry doors come in different styles; they can be hinged, sliding or folded, plain or decorative. Some bathroom entry doors have locks or latches to provide privacy, while others may have a keyless lock.

Internal bathroom doors

Internal bathroom doors are doors within the bathroom and separate different areas of the bathroom, such as the toilet, shower or bathtub.

 6 Key Points to Keep In Mind When Selecting A Bathroom Door

Selecting a door might be difficult, considering the number of options. However, there are some key features the perfect door should have, and they are:

1.    Style: Aluminium doors come in a wide range of styles to suit different tastes. However, the most important thing is, what is your preference? How do you want your bathroom to look? Choose a style that complements the overall design of your bathroom and fits your taste.

2.    Colour: There are many colour options for aluminium bathroom doors. First, consider the existing colour scheme of your bathroom. And then, think of what would suit it well. Now you know which one you should select. Don't forget that the colour scheme is everything!

3.    Functionality: Your door's functionality is so important. Consider the intended use of the door. Will it be used as a regular door or a shower door? Will it be equipped with a lock or latch? Will it require ventilation? When you have an answer to these questions, you will know which door is the best.

4.    Budget: For bathroom doors, the price range is quite broad. Determine your budget before selecting a door, and then look for one. However, always make sure that the door you select fits within your price range while still meeting your functional and aesthetic requirements.

5.    Durability: Rust and corrosion are your door's biggest enemies. Although aluminium is durable and long-lasting, it's still important to look for a quality door that is resistant to rust and corrosion.

6.    Size: Before making any purchase, you should measure the opening and ensure the door you choose will fit properly. Otherwise, you might buy a door that doesn't fit your bathroom.

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